A Renewed Astoria Line

The Astoria N/W line went into service more than 100 years ago, in 1917. It's been in daily use ever since. Age and increasingly extreme weather have taken their toll. So, beginning in October 2017, we began intense and extensive work on the stations, track and supporting infrastructure to ensure another 100 years of service for Astoria. This year, the next big phase of this renewal project begins.

Latest Project Updates

Astoria Blvd station is completely closed to customers until December 2019 while we rebuild the station and install four elevators.

Let's talk about buses: We're redesigning the bus network in Queens and we want to hear from you! See our bus network redesign project page for more info.

Upcoming Service and Traffic Changes

N trains will run express in one direction from 3:45 AM until 10:00 PM Sunday, during three weekends in September and October:  October 26-27 (southbound).

October 19-20: From 3:45 AM Saturday until 10:00 PM Sunday, shuttles buses will replace N service between Astoria Ditmars Blvd and Queensboro Plaza to accommodate station renewal work and elevator installations at Astoria Blvd.

We plan to close the intersection at Hoyt Ave South and 31st Street on the following weekend, so that we can complete the replacement of large sections of the station: October 19-20. Traffic will be detoured around the intersection during these times. A map of the planned detour is in our public presentation, which you can find below.

Rebuilding the Astoria Line

Major upgrades at Astoria Blvd station

The Astoria Blvd station serves as a vital transit hub. It connects subway riders with the M60 Select Bus Service to LaGuardia Airport and the Q19 local bus service. The station is in dire need of critical repairs. We've started the work, but to complete it as safely and as quickly as possible, we closed the station for nine months, until December 2019.

Though we know the significant disruption a full station closure will cause, we are using this as an opportunity to build four new elevators, making Astoria Blvd fully ADA-compliant — and working toward our commitment to provide an additional 50 accessible stations for our customers over the next five years.

What we're doing

New Mezzanine and Walkways: We will completely rebuild the station mezzanine and walkways, making them larger and higher off the street to prevent trucks from hitting the bottom of the station as they enter and exit the Grand Central Parkway. To further increase truck clearance, we will lower the roadway by removing layers of asphalt and resurfacing the intersection.

Accessibility: While we are undertaking the structural repairs, we will also install four new ADA-compliant elevators, as well as new platform edges, boarding zones, railings, lighting, and other features designed to ensure that the station is accessible to everyone.

Platform: The platform will be rebuilt to include new staircases, benches, lighting, canopy roofs, and platform shelters.

Impact to service

Customers can use the Ditmars Blvd or 30 Av stations to access N/W service during the Astoria Blvd station closure. Both stations have undergone recent improvements that will accommodate additional customers.

To expedite the work on this project, N service will run express in one direction from 3:45 AM until 10:00 PM Sunday, during four weekends in September and October: Sept. 14-15 (southbound), Sept. 28-29 (northbound), October 12-13 (northbound), and October 26-27 (southbound).

N service will also be suspended during two weekends: October 4-8 from Friday at 11:45 PM until  Monday at 5:00 AM, and October 19-20 from Saturday at 3:45 AM Saturday until Sunday at 10:00 PM. Shuttle buses will replace N service during these times, running between Astoria Ditmars Blvd and Queensboro Plaza.

Note that during the service change from October 4-8, N trains will not run between Queensboro Plaza and Times Square-42 St. For service to Manhattan, take the 7 train.

Impact on traffic

Vehicular traffic on 31st St and Hoyt Ave South will be impacted by work on the station. During the project's normal work hours, provided below, the work site will expand into the street. However, we will maintain at least four travel lanes on Hoyt Ave North, five travel lanes on Hoyt Ave South, and one lane of traffic in each direction on 31st St.

Additionally, we plan to close the the intersection of 31st St and Hoyt Ave South during the following weekends so that we can finish replacing large pieces of the station: September 14-15, September 21-22, September 28-29, October 5-6, October 19-20. During these weekends, traffic will be rerouted to keep everyone safe. (A map of the detours can be found in the presentation linked below.) During these closures, Hoyt Ave North will remain open.

More information

For a more in-depth look at the work we will do at Astoria Blvd and why we're doing it, click below to download the most recent public presentation from Feb. 19, 2019.

Work we've completed

Broadway, 39 Av-Dutch Kills, 36 Av and 30 Av stations

At Broadway, 39 Av-Dutch Kills, 36 Av and 30 Av, we restored and modernized four 102-year-old stations, which were in desperate need of structural repairs. Improvements included:

  • Repairs to deteriorated concrete and steel structures
  • Rehabilitation of station entrances, including staircases, railings and canopies
  • Rehabilitated mezzanines and platforms
  • Installation of security cameras, glass barriers and railings, and glass and wire mesh platform windscreens to increase light and safety
  • Enhanced signage, including digital screens and real-time service information, to help make travel easier
  • Replacement of deteriorating windowless wooden panels with laminated glass panels featuring new artwork to bring natural light into previously dark waiting areas on the mezzanines
  • Improvements in circulation and safety at 30 Av, with the addition of a new staircase providing an exit from the Astoria-bound platform to the street
  • Construction of two brand new staircases at Broadway to improve safety and circulation: an additional street entry staircase at the northeast corner of the intersection and an exit-only staircase from the Astoria-bound platform directly to the street
  • Renamed 39 Av station to 39 Av-Dutch Kills to better reflect the neighborhood surrounding the station

For before and after photos of the 36 Av and 30 Av stations, and Transit President Andy Byford's visit to the stations and nearby businesses, click here.
For photos of the new Broadway station, click here. For photos of the new 39 Av-Dutch Kills station, click here.


Track Improvements

  • In addition to extensive station work, MTA NYCT has replaced tracks and switches along the Astoria line to improve the reliability of the track and signal equipment.
  • Since 2017, we have replaced 2,496 feet to track in two sections: between Ditmars Blvd and Astoria Blvd, and between 39 Av-Dutch Kills and Queensboro Plaza.
  • We have also renewed ten track switches between Queensboro Plaza and Ditmars Blvd to ensure trains can safely and reliably switch between different tracks.
  • These track repairs have helped us to make travel safer and to comply with ADA regulations, by narrowing the gaps between the platforms and trains at stations.

Work in progress

Ditmars Blvd station

Significant structural repairs and upgrades are underway at Ditmars Blvd. Fortunately, we were able to schedule the work to keep the station open for customers throughout construction. The work includes:

  • Repairing deteriorated concrete and steel structures
  • Rehabilitating entrances, including staircases, railings and canopies
  • Repairing and rebuilding the station mezzanine
  • Adding a new PA system to make communication and travel easier

Track Improvements

  • In late winter and spring of 2019, we will be replacing approximately 4,953 feet of track on the northbound side between 36 Av and 30 Av. This section of track is more than 35 years old and has exceeded its useful life.
  • This extensive track work will increase reliability and ensure that our new stations have narrower gaps between the platform and trains that enhance customer safety and comply with ADA standards.
  • While much of this work will be completed during the time that N/W train service is suspended to facilitate Astoria Blvd work, this project will require northbound trains to run express during weekdays and occasional weekends, skipping 39 Av-Dutch Kills, 36 Av, Broadway, and 30 Av stations in one direction. During this work W trains will run to 96 St on the Q.
  • Track Improvements will be completed Monday-Friday from 9:45 AM - 3:30 PM from February 4 - April 19 (excluding Presidents Day, February 18) and the weekends will include March 9-10 and March 30-April 1
  • Elevated track work is particularly subject to weather-related cancellations, so check the MYmta app or the Service Status on mta.info for updates on daily work.

Upcoming work

Make sure to check back often to see what work will be performed and when, and how it may affect your commute. You can also use Trip Planner at any time to map your route.