42 St Connection Project: More Space to Move

Navigating around stations is part of your commute, just like train and bus travel times. But it shouldn’t be a big part of your commute. A busy Times Square or Grand Central does not have to mean a slower commute. We’re making changes throughout the Grand Central complex and at the Times Square 42 St Shuttle station to spread things out and keep everyone moving smoothly.

Grand Central

We’re adding new stairways to different parts of the complex to help you get around Grand Central at a pace that works for you. We’re also expanding existing stairways and adding more turnstiles to accommodate more customers, so you can spend less time in the station and get where you’re going sooner.

You know how when you get to the 42 St Shuttle station at Grand Central and you’re not 100% sure which track the next train will leave from? We’re fixing that, too.

We’re consolidating the 42 St Shuttle into a two-track operation with one large, expanded platform for easier boarding. The new platform will be one of the largest in the entire system, and provide much-needed space for customers of all abilities to more easily access trains on either track. We’re also closing gaps between platform edges and trains, and improving sightlines.

When work is complete, Grand Central will have:

  • Five new stairways
  • Four expanded stairways
  • Eight repaired and rebuilt escalators
  • New and additional turnstiles
  • 22,000 square-foot, consolidated 42 St Shuttle platform

Learn about the work going on at Grand Central Station

A 3D rendering of an expanded staircase at Grand Central Station
3D Rendering of New Staircase at Grand Central
A 3D rendering of the rebuilt 42 St Shuttle platform at Grand Central
3D Rendering of Future 42 St Shuttle platform at Grand Central

Times Square and 42 St Shuttle

To increase safety, navigation and space, we’re rebuilding the entire station at Times Square. This includes consolidating the notoriously confusing platform. When the work is complete, there will be one island platform with a track on either side, along with a larger modern turnstile area. And we’re reducing the number of columns so you can get around the platform easier and board trains faster. This will also simplify boarding, so that it’s much clearer which train will leave next.

Learn about the work we're doing at Times Square Station

See the significant changes being made to the 42 St Shuttle

A 3D rendering of a rebuilt entrance to the 42 St Shuttle at Times Square
3D Rendering of Future 42 St Shuttle mezzanine at Times Square
A 3D rendering of the rebuilt 42 St Shuttle platform at Times Square
3D Rendering of Future 42 St Shuttle platform at Times Square

Bryant Park

We're creating a new in-system transfer between 42 St-Times Sq and Bryant Park, providing a new, free connection between the 1/2/3/A/C/E/N/Q/R/W and the 6 Av B/D/F/M lines.

Learn more about the new connection