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42 St Connection Project: More Accessible

With the work we’re doing on the 42 St Shuttle and its infrastructure, we will make the entire 42 St transit corridor accessible and compliant with ADA guidelines. This will open more of New York for more New Yorkers, expanding the number of accessible trips in the system and get that much closer to an accessible system.

Grand Central

We’re replacing some of the elevators in Grand Central with new equipment and installing new ones. New technology in the elevator systems will self-report whenever there’s an issue, reducing the amount of time an elevator may be out of service.

The new elevator at the station is on the Lexington Avenue side, connecting the mezzanine and the street level.

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A 3D rendering of a new elevator that provides access to all lines convering at Grand Central Station on 42 St
3D Rendering of New Elevator at Grand Central

Times Square

A major component of rebuilding the 42 St Shuttle station at Times Square is to make it fully ADA-compliant. By consolidating the track operations and creating one larger island platform between two tracks, we can simplify the navigation, increase safety, and provide more space for customers of all abilities.

By building the new station farther into the tunnel, we can straighten out the tracks and close the gap between the platform edges and trains.

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A 3D rendering of the rebuilt 42 St Shuttle platform at Times Square
3D Rendering of Future 42 St Shuttle platform at Times Square