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Metro-North Railroad's TRACKS Program

Updated Nov 3, 2023
TRACKS is a free community outreach program designed to educate people about safety on and near railroad grade crossings and tracks.

2023-24 Safety Sticker Contest

From October 20-December 31, 2023, K-12 students can enter our safety sticker contest. Create a picture, slogan, or both about safety around tracks and trains, and we'll turn it into a sticker!

TRACKS stands for “Together, Railroads And Communities Keeping Safe.”

We bring presentations and other information to schools, summer camps, community and civic groups, driving schools, and busing and trucking companies. Our mission is to educate as many people as possible in the communities Metro-North Railroad serves.

For more information about our program, call 212-340-2292 or email us at MNRTracks@mnr.org.


Meet Metro-Man!

Metro-Man is our train safety superhero who helps reinforce the safe behaviors we teach in the TRACKS presentations.

A person in a robot costume stands next to a road sign that says "Railroad Crossing"
Duration 00:48

Watch the gap

Metro-Man reminds everyone to watch the gap when getting on and off trains