Rutgers Tunnel Rehabilitation Progress Report

Check back regularly for updates on the work we're doing to rehabilitate the Rutgers tunnels, install wireless service, and add ADA features at East Broadway.

As we head into the next part of rehabilitating the Rutgers Tunnels, we wanted to share a progress report on what we were able to accomplish over the five weeks of work in 2020. 

Work completed at the East Broadway station:

  • Demolished 13,000 sq.-ft. Of wall tile and began installation of new wall tile
  • Complete demolition of platform stairs P6
  • Replaced station drainage pipes form lower mezzanine to track bed
  • Leak mitigation work at track walls
  • Structural column and beam probes and inspection at track and lower mezzanine levels

Work completed in the tunnels:

  • Replaced 9,270 linear feet (LF) of continuous welded rails (including removal of old rails)
  • Installed 9,300 LF of temporary tunnel lighting
  • Began replacing track ties, plates, and third rail appurtenances
  • Installed about 7,500 LF of Cable Management Rack System (also known as Snake Trays)
  • Installed about 1,300 LF of Sound Power Telephone conduit
  • Demolished 4,900 LF of existing airline pipe
  • Installed about 830 LF of 1 ½-inch conduit for security camera
  • Removed 4,900 LF of existing handrail
  • Installed about 955 LF of conduit for pump feeders
Photo: Several workers use heavy machinery to perform work on the track bed
Photo: Workers use heavy machinery to perform work on the track bed
Workers pour concrete as part of replacing track in the Rutgers Tunnel
Recently poured concrete sets for the new track in the Rutgers Tunnel
Workers place tactile strips in cement at the East Broadway station
Workers place tile along the walls at the East Broadway station