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L Project

After Superstorm Sandy severely damaged the L tunnel in 2012, we started the L Project to improve the line's resilience, capacity, and accessibility. The project was completed in 2020.
Updated Feb 29, 2024
A train pulling into a station.


  • Location
    Brooklyn, Manhattan
  • Type
    Accessibility, Reconstruction
  • Status

Area Map


  • July 2017: Broke ground for construction
  • April 2020: Tunnel rehabilitation phase completed ahead of schedule

About the project

After Superstorm Sandy severely damaged the  tunnel, the MTA began making plans to repair the damage, rehabilitate the tunnel, and make additional improvements to nearby lines.

Construction began in 2017 and was completed in 2020.

Part of the L Project involved making improvements at other subway stations to improve capacity. This work included adding accessibility improvements, reconstructing entrances, reopening old entrances, building more stairways and adding more turnstiles.

Project benefits

  • 14,000 feet of rebuilt  line track 
  • Improved tunnel systems and lighting
  • 17 rehabilitated and upgraded stations along the corridor, including 
  • Wider staircases, more turnstiles, more elevators and more escalators at upgraded stations
  • 3 new electrical substations, which leads to more trains being used along the  line