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42 St Connection

We’re investing in the corridor below 42 St at Grand Central, Bryant Park, and Times Square stations. We are redesigning passageways and platforms, adding elevators, expanding stairways and transforming the Shuttle into a fully accessible service.
Updated Nov 16, 2022
A subway platform with a woman boarding a train.


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Area Map

40.755795058401, -73.986338241957


  • August 2019: Plans for new 42 St Shuttle announced
  • August 2019: Construction underway on modernization project
  • July 2021: Construction underway on two elevator replacements at Grand Central Station
  • September 2022: Construction underway on new elevator at Times Square-42 St
  • December 2022: Construction begins to replace escalators between the 7 train and 3 Av
  • May 2020: New Grand Central Station elevator completed
  • August 2020: Times Square-42 St elevator, escalator, stairway completed
  • September 2021: New shuttle experience completed, including Bryant Park connector
  • Spring 2022: Estimated construction completion

About the project

We are creating a new experience below 42nd Street. The work we’re doing will make the journey faster and accessible for people of all abilities, connecting more of New York for more New Yorkers.

The centerpiece of the project is the rebuilt 42 St Shuttle, which opened in September 2021. On the Times Square side, there is one large platform with a track on either side. This makes it easier for riders to get around and board trains. The station is now ADA-accessible, and has a larger, more modern entrance. On the Grand Central side, we consolidated the shuttle into a two-track operation with one large, expanded platform for easier boarding. The new platform will provide much-needed space for riders of all abilities to easily access trains on either track. We’re also closing gaps between platform edges and trains.

We also created a new, in-station transfer between 42 St-Times Sq and Bryant Park, providing a free connection between the  and the lines. A new mosaic artwork by Nick Cave covers the walls of the new connection.

Other improvements below 42nd Street include new elevators and escalators, new and expanded stairways, and more digital information screens. These changes will help make your commute more reliable, and help you get to where you’re going more quickly.

Project benefits

  • More space, thanks to longer platforms at Times Square and Grand Central, along with new and wider stairways 

  • Fully accessible platforms with more space, new elevators, and more reliable escalators 

  • Running six-car trains instead of four-car ones, expanding capacity by 20 percent 

  • New, free transfer to the Bryant Park   

  • New electrical, communication, signal, and safety systems 

  • More digital signs and better wayfinding

People walk down a passageway in the 42 St-Bryant Park subway station.

Station artwork

Nick Cave designed the murals in the tunnel connecting Times Sq-42 St with Bryant Park.

Artwork in mosaic by Nick Cave showing people dancing in brightly colored costumes known as Soundsuits.