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Statement from New York City Transit Interim President Sarah Feinberg

New York City Transit
Updated March 26, 2021 6:15 p.m.

NYC Transit Interim President Sarah Feinberg issued the following statement regarding tomorrow’s anniversary of the death of train operator Garrett Goble, who was murdered in a train arson on March 27, 2020.

“This has been a year of intense grief and heartbreak for the New York City Transit family. In addition to the losses caused by COVID-19, we continue to mourn our beloved colleague Garrett Goble, who was senselessly murdered one year ago.

“We will never forget Garrett’s service or heroism. He showed New York City and the world what it means to be a public servant. Garrett was also a loving father, husband and son, a cherished friend and a kind and generous colleague.

“We look forward to joining with Garrett’s family to continue to honor his service, sacrifice and legacy with a permanent art memorial, which will be unveiled and installed later this spring at Flatbush.

“Our thoughts today, tomorrow and every day are with Garrett’s sweet wife Delilah, their two young sons, Garrett’s loving mother Vicki and all of his friends and loved ones.”