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Statement from MTA Chief Communications Officer Abbey Collins

New York City Transit
Updated May 17, 2021 11:15 p.m.

“In February, the Mayor first announced a surge of 644 officers into the system, and then dozens of auxiliary officers dedicated to the 20 busiest stations, and then an additional 80 new officers from the NYPD academy dedicated to the Transit Bureau. Today, he announced an 'additional' 250 officers being specially deployed to the subways. That total should come to more than 1,000 officers. Now it turns out 20% of those 644 have already been withdrawn, as we have previously raised concerns about, and the 250 announced today aren’t new officers at all, but just extra shifts and will not even be full time. This is irresponsible. The Mayor should immediately clarify for the public and our employees once and for all the real number of officers being dedicated to the safety of the subway system.”