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Statement from Ken Lovett, Senior Advisor to the MTA Chair and CEO, on Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

Updated July 30, 2021 3:30 p.m.

“The agreement reached by the White House and members of the U.S. Senate on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is the critical next step toward securing unprecedented and long-needed levels of federal investment in public transportation. The Senate legislation includes funding for essential state of good repair needs and capital investment programs that will help the MTA fund its historic 2020-24 capital plan. We thank Senator Schumer for his extraordinary efforts to make this bipartisan agreement possible and for shepherding its progress through the Senate.

“MTA's portfolio of transformational projects to expand accessibility, modernize signal systems, continue the expansion of the Second Avenue Subway to Harlem, build Penn Station Access and its four new Metro-North stations in the Bronx, reconstruct existing Penn Station and advance the Gateway Program, including Penn Station expansion and the Hudson Tunnel Project, and transition the MTA bus fleet to zero emissions by 2040 will all require significant federal support. We urge the Senate to work expeditiously with their colleagues in the House of Representatives in the coming weeks toward a final deal that preserves this funding."