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Statement From Acting Chief Communications Officer Tim Minton on Acceptance of Cash for MetroCard Purchases

Updated June 24, 2021 2:00 p.m.

To be clear, no decision has been made and no decision was announced yesterday regarding cash returning to station booths. The MTA continues to review logistics and other considerations associated with accepting cash payments at subway station booths post-pandemic.

In the meantime, we still accept cash throughout the subway system and across the city. Currently customers can use cash to purchase MetroCards at:

  • Every subway station in the system, at 1,688 MetroCard Vending Machines 
  • MetroCard Mobile Vans that travel across the city, including to areas without subway stations and that also replace damaged MetroCards
  • 1,470 select merchants and convenience stores at airports and throughout the city that do not charge a fee for new MetroCards

Expired MetroCards can continue to be exchanged at no charge at any MetroCard Vending Machine for a valid new card. 

Since March 2020, damaged MetroCards have been replaced either by mail or by presenting them to the MetroCard Service Center located at 3 Stone Street in Lower Manhattan. 

Reduced Fare MetroCard holders, including senior citizens, also have the ability to perform certain non-cash transactions at thirteen locations located in all five boroughs.

The MTA is committed to providing widespread and simple access to fare payment systems including, through 2023, MetroCards, consistent with protocols put in place during a global pandemic to protect the safety and health of transit workers. As we deliberately review future customer access to all forms of payment, we will continue to make the safety of our employees a top priority.