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PHOTOS: MTA Completes Final Re-NEW-vation of 2023 at Court St R Station

New York City Transit
Updated Jan 3, 2024 5:00 p.m.
Court St ReNEWvation

53 Subway Stations Re-NEW-vated in 2023  

View “Before” and “After” Photos of ‘Re-NEW-vated’ Court St Station 


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced New York City Transit (NYCT) completed structural and aesthetic renovations at Court St  Station in Brooklyn. This work is part of New York City Transit (NYCT)’s Re-NEW-vation Program, which utilizes planned service outages to perform station-wide repairs, enhancements and deep cleaning providing customers with brighter and better station environments. Court St Station marked the 53rd and final station to be re-NEW-vated in 2023, surpassing NYCT’s promised goal of upgrading, repairing, and deep cleaning 50 stations by the end of 2023. 

NYCT workers deep cleaned and replaced, where necessary, extensive sections of wall tiles throughout the station. Lighting fixtures were updated with LED lights, brightening darkened areas. Cracks in the concrete along the platforms and mezzanines were repaved and repaired, alleviating tripping hazards. Outdated signage was taken down and new and clearer signs were posted where needed. The iconic subway globes located at entrances were scrubbed cleaned. Drains were inspected and cleared to prevent possible backups during future rain events. Workers also scrapped, primed, and repainted the entire stations. Employee facilities including the breakroom and bathrooms also received a refresh with new lighting and repainted surfaces.  

“I’m proud of all the hard work NYCT employees put in to bring the Re-NEW-vation Program to 53 stations across the system in 2023,” said New York City Transit President Richard Davey. “That’s 53 stations whose customers are experiencing cleaner, brighter, and better stations, which is part of our ongoing mission for faster, cleaner, safer service.” 

"The millions of New Yorkers who rely on our subway system to get where they need to go each day deserve the cleanest stations in the best possible conditions," said State Senator Andrew Gounardes. "I appreciate the MTA's work in making that happen for all who use the Court St Station, and I look forward to enjoying the fruits of their labor myself." 

“I’m delighted that the MTA has completed the ‘Re-NEW-vation’ project at the Court St  Station" said Assembly Member Jo Anne Simon. "Much-needed aesthetic and functional upgrades include removing outdated signage, door repairs, securing all stairway treads, and a new coat of paint. New Yorkers deserve the cleanest and safest subway stations we can provide. Thank you MTA for taking steps to improve the rider experience at the Court St Station." 

"Constituents have come together as part of our MTA Station Group initiative to share feedback and suggest solutions for their neighborhood subway stations, including the Court St Station," said Council Member Lincoln Restler. "I'm grateful to the MTA for working alongside our office to improve conditions and make these upgrades that will improve safety and the rider experience." 

In October, NYCT announced it had delivered on its promised goal to complete re-NEW-vations at 50 subway stations by the end of 2023. The Re-NEW-vation Program is a permanent part of the NYCT Department of Subways, with at least 50 more stations to receive repairs, upgrades and deep cleanings each year.