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New York City Transit Announces Appointment of First Weekend Service Czar

New York City Transit
Updated September 16, 2022 10:45 a.m.
Coney Island Subway

Acting Deputy Chief, Weekend Service Diversions and Coordination, is New Position Responsible for Improving the Weekend Subway Customer Experience

Jose LaSalle, 29 Year Veteran of New York City Transit, Assumes Position Effective Immediately

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) New York City Transit today announced the appointment of Jose LaSalle as the Authority’s first Acting Deputy Chief, Weekend Service Diversions and Coordination, or “Weekend Service Czar.” LaSalle will be responsible for managing and improving the customer experience for weekend subway service and will review how weekend service changes are implemented and communicated to riders. The appointment comes as the MTA has consistently experienced strong weekend subway ridership, including a pandemic-era weekend record of 2.36 million riders on Saturday, Sept. 10, which constitutes 73.3 percent of pre-pandemic ridership.

“Improving the experience of customers is the North Star that guides the work we do at New York City Transit,” said NYC Transit President Richard Davey. “Better weekend service is something subway riders have asked for, and we are excited to welcome Jose to this new role at NYC Transit to directly oversee weekend service and bring a better experience to riders. As weekend service continues to rebound strongly, with a pandemic-era ridership record reached just this past Saturday, we look forward to better service and bringing even more customers back to transit.”

“I am proud to welcome Jose LaSalle to this critical, new role, where he will tackle the feedback of our customers head-on by improving weekend subway service,” said NYC Transit Senior Vice President of Subways Demetrius Crichlow. “In his nearly three decades of experience, Jose has demonstrated an ability to solve problems and manage complex projects, and I have no doubt that his work will make the weekend subway journeys of millions of New Yorkers better.”

I am excited and ready to ensure weekend service is the best it can be, said Acting Deputy Chief, Weekend Service Diversions and Coordination Jose LaSalle. Delivering efficient and on-time service and looking for ways to make improvements so that our customers experience a safe and reliable system are my top priorities. I am humbled and ready to get down to the business of serving our customers.”

LaSalle has served NYC Transit for over 29 years, starting as a subway conductor in 1993. He has extensive experience at the Department of Subways, including serving as a General Superintendent at the Rail Control Center. LaSalle also took a lead role during the L Project in 2019 and 2020, where he coordinated an operationally complex service plan and extensive customer outreach.

LaSalle was among a group of NYC Transit workers recognized for their heroic actions that saved a woman who fell onto subway tracks in June 2021. The woman was walking along tracks above 50th St., fell onto D line express track 30 feet below, and was injured. LaSalle was at his post in the Rail Control Center and ran, flashlight in hand, to a catwalk that was in between stations. He spotted her, and in order to alert the next oncoming train of an emergency, waved his flashlight into the tunnel. The subway operator was able to stop the train, and LaSalle and NYPD officers removed the woman safely from the tracks.