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MTA Seeking Companies Interested in Creating Subway Accessibility at Three Stations on 14th Street

Updated February 16, 2021 10:33 a.m.

MTA Construction & Development today announced it is seeking qualified design-build teams to bring accessibility to a complex of three interconnected stations on 14th Street in Manhattan: the 6 Av  , 14 St  and 14 St  . The teams will install elevators and make other improvements to ensure full vertical accessibility in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“Despite the difficult financial situation the MTA is facing, accessibility remains a priority,” said Janno Lieber, President of MTA Construction & Development. “Both the design-build process and bundling stations reflect Construction & Development’s commitment to completing projects faster and at a lower cost than ever before.”

“Ensuring every New Yorker has access to our transit system is an absolute necessity,” said Quemuel Arroyo, MTA Chief Accessibility Officer. “All of us at the MTA continue to work toward a completely accessible system and am looking forward to working with members of the community throughout this project.”

“I am pleased to see the MTA’s continued commitment to increasing accessibility throughout the subway system,” said MTA Board Member and Commissioner of the New York City Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities Victor Calise. "These design-build contracts will help ensure that all New Yorkers and visitors to the city, including individuals with disabilities, can access our transit system, and I look forward to continuing to work with MTA leadership to accelerate the pace of projects until we reach systemwide accessibility for all.”

Work at each station will generally include the design and construction of the following:

  • Three to four new elevators per station
  • Structural and excavation work to accommodate new elevator installations
  • Electrical power upgrades, when necessary
  • Station communications systems upgrades, when necessary
  • Relocation of existing public and transit utilities
  • Replacement, relocation and/or addition of staircases from street to mezzanines and mezzanines to platforms
  • Reconstruction of entire platform edges and/or reconstruction of ADA boarding areas

Additional work may be necessary based on existing conditions at the stations, including:

  • Platform reconstruction
  • Architectural finishes replacement
  • Structural steel and concrete repairs
  • Waterproofing
  • Lighting and communication systems replacement/upgrade

In addition, this project requires a separate long-term elevator maintenance contract to provide for long-term reliable maintenance of the new elevators, including repairs of certain issues resulting from installation and manufacture.

State of good repair work will also be performed at the 8 Av and 14 St complex, where the  intersects with the , and along the entire Manhattan segment of the  Line.

These design-build contracts will be awarded to the companies whose proposals offer the best value to the MTA based on an evaluation of qualitative factors as well as cost and schedule.