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MTA Construction & Development Driving the Future of Regional Transit with Historic Megaprojects

Updated February 24, 2023 12:15 a.m.

Authority Leading on Major Infrastructure Projects to Connect Underserved Communities and Spur Economic Growth

View the Strategic Plan ‘Stronger Infrastructure, Better Service’


Since its creation in 2019, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Construction & Development (C&D) has become an industry leading capital delivery powerhouse agency bringing together infrastructure functions from across the MTA and introducing cutting-edge practices at all stages of a project’s lifecycle. Guided by the Authority’s Strategic Plan announced at its February Board meeting, the MTA has built a significant portfolio of innovative megaprojects that will reshape the New York metropolitan area, drive local and regional economic growth, create new jobs, and connect communities that have been historically disadvantaged due to a lack of adequate public transit options. These megaprojects will transform the region by providing faster commutes for millions of riders each day for years to come.

“2022 was a banner year for MTA C&D and our capital program, and we’re just getting started,” said MTA Construction & Development President Jamie Torres-Springer. “The projects C&D builds have transformative power on the communities they serve, increasing access to jobs and housing and everything the metropolitan region has to offer. And we’ll deliver on these projects all while driving down costs and working efficiently.”  

Creating Faster Connections Between Brooklyn and Queens 
Governor Hochul’s planned Interborough Express will transform diverse and historically underserved Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods by slashing commute times between the two boroughs and opening up options to travel to Manhattan and Long Island. Through utilizing the existing 14-mile freight line, made up of the LIRR-owned Bay Ridge Branch and CSX-owned Fremont Secondary, the new line can be built faster and more efficiently. The IBX will connect communities to 17 subway lines and the Long Island Rail Road. The next stage of this project is the environmental review process, expected to be completed over the next two years.

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Connecting the East Bronx Directly to Midtown Manhattan 
The MTA will connect historically disadvantaged communities through the construction of four new Metro-North stations in the Bronx, connecting the East Bronx neighborhoods of Hunts Point, Morris Park, Co-op City and Parkchester/Van Nest directly to Penn Station. This service will save some residents up to 50 minutes a day in commute times and open up reverse commuting opportunities along Metro-North lines. Through optimizing existing infrastructure in the form of Amtrak’s Hell Gate line, C&D will minimize the construction impact on surrounding communities. At the end of 2022, the MTA broke ground on the first phase of this project. The design and construction phase will continue in 2023.

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Bringing More Transit Options to East Harlem
The second phase of the Second Avenue Subway will bring more transit options to the residents of East Harlem and its surrounding areas by extending the line into the neighborhood and adding three new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible stations at 106 St, 116 St, and 125 St. Extending the line to 125 St will increase transit connectivity by providing transfers to the 4,5,6 lines, Metro-North, and the M60 Select Bus Service to LaGuardia Airport. With more transit options, crowding will decrease along the  lines and on local buses. Customers will be able to save up to 20 minutes on commute times. The MTA will break ground on Phase 2 in 2023.

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Transforming Penn Station into a World-Class Destination
Work to transform and reimagine Penn Station has already begun. By the end of the project, commuters will experience a wider, brighter, and more accessible world-class station that will be a light-filled 250,000 square-foot single level facility. Travelers will have double the space for circulation with 18 new escalators and 11 new elevators that will be added to increase accessibility options to reach platforms – creating an attractive, modern transit destination in the heart of midtown Manhattan that will create employment opportunities and drive economic investment. C&D will continue to advance the design phase in 2023.

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Faster Trips on the Lines with Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC)
Modernizing the 8th Av Line in Manhattan and the Fulton Av Line in Brooklyn will address delays caused by an outdated signaling system by replacing it with modern signals that will provide more accurate information on train locations, allowing for faster run times and quicker resolutions when problems arise. When measured by wait assessment, the are among the least reliable lines in the subway system. Now customers along the line will have more reliable and quicker commutes as a result. Work along the 8th Av Line will be completed in 2023, and a contract award for the Fulton Av section stretching from High St and Euclid Av is forthcoming.

Completion of this project will result in the near fulfillment of modernizing signals along the entire B division of the subway system with work on the A division soon to come.

Powering  Trains With A New Substation
In order to support the increased capacity that CBTC will provide on the 8th Av Line, an underground power substation will be built on West 28 St between Eighth and Ninth avenues. This substation will serve to power some of the system’s busiest stations including 59 St-Columbus Circle, Times Sq-42 St, 34 St – Penn Station, and Fulton St benefitting approximately 268,000 customers every day.

Read more about powering  trains with the West 28 St Substation here.

Expanding Accessibility in the New York City Subway
The 2020 – 2024 Capital Program accelerates the MTA’s mission to make subways 95% accessible by awarding $5.2 billion in projects in 2023 including upgrades set to open at 12 stations including:

•    Dyckman St
•    Tremont Av
•    181 St
•    E 149 St
•    Court Square
•    Lorimer St
•    Grand St
•    Metropolitan Av
•    Beach 67 
•    7 Av
•    New Dorp SIR
•    8 Av  

C&D will continue this work by starting work to make 17 more stations ADA accessible in 2023. Stations include:

•    Van Cortlandt Park - 242 St
•    Harlem - 148 St
•    96 St
•    81 St
•    86 St
•    46 St-Bliss St
•    33 St-Rawson
•    Broadway
•    Court Sq – 23 St
•    New Lots Av 
•    Classon Av
•    36 St
•    Huguenot SIR 

•    168th Street
•    Broadway Junction 

  • Broadway Junction
  • Broadway Junction
  • Broadway Junction

In 2022, C&D awarded $11.4 billion in new projects, a record for the MTA. These newly awarded projects came in $345 million below previous estimate, demonstrating progress on cost containment. C&D also completed $6.2 billion worth of projects, an increase of over 50% over 2021’s total. At the close of 2022 C&D announced $2.5 billion in procurements for projects that combat climate change, expand accessibility, and improve service. And in the first month of 2023, the brand new LIRR terminal Grand Central Madison opened, bringing commuters directly to the east side of Manhattan and representing the first expansion of the LIRR in 112 years. Full service at Grand Central Madison begins in Feb. 2023