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MTA Celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride Month Including Commemorative MetroCards, Train Decals and Digital Station Signage

Updated June 6, 2023 10:45 p.m.
Pride Train Decal

50,000 Pride-Themed MetroCards are Available at Select Stations 

50 Subway Cars on and lines, 50 Metro-North Trains, 50 LIRR Trains, 50 Bridges & Tunnels Trucks Adorned with Pride Decals 

NYC Transit Participating in NYC Pride March with Large Contingent; Transit Museum Hosting LGBTQ+ Walking Tour; TransitTalk to be Held with LGBTQ+ Focus  

View Photos of Commemorative MetroCards, Train Decals and Posters  

View Photos of Pride Announcement 

View Video of Event Including Performance by Cyre 


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced it is celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month with a comprehensive public engagement campaign across New York City Transit (NYCT), Metro-North Railroad, Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and Bridges and Tunnels to communicate with both customers and employees on the importance of Pride and its message of diversity and inclusion across the transit system. The MTA celebrated today’s announcement with a musical performance by Cyre at Union Square. 

Throughout the month of June customers riding the transit system across subway, bus and commuter rail will see Pride messaging and information including special 2023 limited-edition Pride posters on display, trains decorated with Pride-themed decals, commemorative Pride MetroCards available for purchase at vending machines in select stations, and special Pride-themed public events. The MTA remains the best way to get to all Pride events across the metropolitan area.  

“The MTA is committed to delivering the message of equality and love in celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride Month to riders and we’re proud to make that heard loud and clear across the metropolitan area,” said MTA Acting Chief Customer Officer Shanifah Rieara. “Customers across the MTA’s entire operating region will be able to celebrate all month long and feel welcome in public transit no matter where they live through signage, decals, posters, public events and so much more.” 

“Every day is Pride Day at the MTA, not only for our customers but for our employees as well who represent all of the different communities that make up New York,” said MTA Chief Accessibility Officer Quemuel Arroyo. “I want to say as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, safety is a top priority at the MTA, and we want our customers to feel safe navigating the system 24 hours a day.” 

“Pride Month is a special time in our city, and I am delighted that NYCT is playing its part in the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community,” said NYC Transit President Richard Davey. “I am honored to serve as the Senior Executive Sponsor of the MTA’s Pride Employee Resource Group ‘Pride Express,’ and to make 2023 the biggest Pride Month we’ve ever had at Transit, from marching in the parade later this month, to loudly and proudly celebrating our LGBTQ+ customers and employees through special signage and MetroCards.” 

“Pride Month’s message of inclusion and acceptance is visible throughout the MTA public transportation network, from Poughkeepsie in the north, to Montauk in the east, and everywhere in between” said Metro-North President and Long Island Rail Road Interim President Catherine Rinaldi. “I’m thrilled that Metro-North and the Long Island Rail Road are part of this year’s MTA Pride public engagement campaign with train decals and posters on platforms.” 

“Bridges & Tunnels is taking the MTA’s Pride campaign from the rails to the roads with trucks proudly displaying the Pride decal.” said MTA Bridges and Tunnels Interim President Catherine Sheridan. “Now, employees and the nearly one million drivers who utilize the Authority’s nine crossings will be reminded of the MTA’s values of inclusion all month long.” 

“Inasmuch as mass transit is about moving people, the New York Transit Museum is delighted to be able to host a walking tour of Christopher Street/Greenwich Village and shine a light on the history of the neighborhood and transportation that helped start the LGBTQ+ movement,” said New York Transit Museum Director Concetta Bencivenga

LGBTQ+ Pride-Themed MetroCards 

50,000 Pride-themed MetroCards are now available for purchase while supplies last at vending machines located at six subway stations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.  

Stations include: 

  • West 4 St – Washington Square    
  • 59 St – Columbus Circle
  • Grand St L 
  • 74 – Broadway 7 / Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av
  • 125 St
  • Christopher St – Sheridan Square  



Throughout LGBTQ+ Pride Month, customers can ride trains decorated with Pride decals throughout the transit system. 50 subway cars along the and lines are traversing through Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. 50 Metro-North cars, 50 LIRR cars and 50 Bridges and Tunnels maintenance cars displaying special Pride decals.  



Posters celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month will be on display at select subway stations and Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road platforms for the month of June. The limited-edition posters specific to this year's Pride will be available for purchase at the NY Transit Museum stores and online

Digital Signage 

Digital screens on-board subways, buses and within stations will play 15-second videos celebrating Pride Month on regular intervals. In partnership with Amtrak, LIRR riders will also see a 2023 Pride graphic on digital display screens at Moynihan Train Hall.  

LGBTQ+ Pride March 

The fun continues with special events throughout Pride month. MTA employees including New York City Transit President Richard Davey will march in New York City’s 2023 LGBTQ+ Pride Parade taking place on Sunday, June 25.  


Pride Month Events 

The MTA can get customers to their destination during LGBTQ+ Pride Month, visit MTA Away’s 2023 Guide to New York Pride to learn more.  Events are taking place across the MTA operating region with many of them reachable by subway, bus, Metro-North and LIRR trains. Visit I LOVE NY's Pride 2023 website to learn more about history and happenings around the great state of New York. 


New York Transit Museum Walking Tour 

The New York Transit Museum will host a walking tour in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan on Thursday, June 29 touring the community’s extensive LGBTQ+ history. Tour stops will cover historic transit sites and landmarks including Stonewall Inn, the birthplace of the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement. Click here to purchase tickets.  


Celebrating LGBTQ+ TransitTalk  

TransitTalk will be held on Tuesday, June 20 at the Christopher Street station where the MTA leadership team will hear directly from the LGTBQ+ community from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  

The program invites customers to share their experiences, concerns, and ask questions to NYC Transit leadership regarding service, future projects, and more. “TransitTalk” promotes open dialogue directly between customers and NYC Transit leadership through face-to-face interactions at a hyper local level.  

Supporting the MTA’s LGBTQ+ Workforce 

The MTA celebrates and supports its LGBTQ+ workforce with the “Pride Express,” an employee resource group dedicated to championing the LGBTQ+ community within the MTA to raise awareness of the transformative power of representation in the workforce. Pride Express formally began in 2019 within NYCT and has since expanded to an agency-wide initiative that is open to employees for all MTA agencies. Employees are encouraged to take part in Pride events throughout June hosted by Pride Express. 

“The MTA’s Pride Month public engagement campaign sends an important message of inclusion and acceptance to the millions of New Yorkers and visitors who rely on the MTA each and every day,” said U.S. Representative Ritchie Torres (NY-15). “As the rights and freedoms of the LGBTQI+ community sadly continue to come under attack across the country, New York City stands proud as a welcoming place for all regardless of who you love or how you identify, and we unapologetically promote, protect, and celebrate the diversity and history of the LGBTQI+ community. My thanks to MTA Chair Lieber and the entire transit system for making this initiative a reality!” 

“I’m excited that the MTA is joining so many New Yorkers in celebrating Pride this summer through commemorative MetroCards, decals, and events catered to the LGBTQ+ community,” said New York State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal. “New York City is the birthplace of the LGBTQ+ movement in the United States, and home to some of the oldest and largest pride celebrations in the entire world. As people flock to the city from across the globe to celebrate, they will use the MTA to travel to festivities across the city. With this messaging, the MTA celebrates the rich history of LGBTQ+ community in New York and reaffirms its commitment to ensuring a diverse and inclusive environment across our transit system." 

“I wholeheartedly support the MTA's upcoming LGBTQ+ Pride Month celebration and public engagement campaign,” said New York State Senator Nathalia Fernandez. “It is essential to communicate the significance of Pride and its message of inclusion across the transit system. The announcement of commemorative MetroCards, signage and decals, and special Pride-themed events demonstrate the MTA's commitment to promoting diversity and equality. I encourage community members to actively participate in the campaign's activities and events throughout the month. Let us work together to create a society that respects and values every individual, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.” 

 "Diversity fuels New York's spirit, and as we enter Pride Month, we are confronted with a disheartening surge in anti-LGBTQ+ measures and divisive rhetoric across our nation,” said New York State Senator Robert Jackson. “In this critical time, let us steadfastly embrace and celebrate the interconnectedness of Pride Month. I commend the MTA for its dedicated campaign, amplifying the significance of Pride and fostering an inclusive message throughout our transit system.  Let us proudly ride with Pride, ensuring every New Yorker feels seen and celebrated." 

“I salute the MTA as it celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride Month this year,” said New York State Senator Shelley B. Mayer. “At a time when many state legislatures are stripping the LGBTQ+ community of their rights and protections, we want to make it clear that New York is welcoming and inclusive of all of our friends and neighbors. The MTA is a partner that clearly understands the importance of affirming our commitment to full equality in NYS, and I thank them for their leadership. ” 

"The MTA's celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride Month is a powerful demonstration of our commitment to inclusivity and acceptance. By launching a comprehensive public engagement campaign, we are sending a clear message of support and solidarity to the LGBTQ+ community,” said New York State Senator Luis Sepúlveda. “Let us embrace this opportunity to celebrate diversity, promote equality, and create a more inclusive transit system for all New Yorkers."  

"Inclusive public transit is right, just, and necessary. We must continue to lead on preserving and defending the rights of every New Yorker to live and love how they want to,” said New York State Senator James Skoufis. “I applaud the MTA for participating in this important conversation and not shying away from what's right."  

“It is important for commuters to feel safe enough to live authentically as themselves without fear of discrimination. I applaud the MTA for creating an environment that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community by encouraging acceptance and inclusivity amongst New Yorkers during Pride Month,” said New York State Senator Kevin Thomas. “Their continuing commitment to embracing diversity helps build a more inclusive society and promotes a sense of belonging for all.” 

“Our transit system is essential to New Yorkers and in our city’s finer moments our subways and buses reflect the wonderful breadth of our diversity,” said Assembly Member Deborah Glick. I applaud the MTA for asserting a message of inclusion throughout the transit system to commemorate Pride month, especially as we are seeing harmful policies across the country targeting LGBTQ people and denying us our basic human rights. In the face of such bigotry, it is critical that New York’s municipal agencies stand up for what is right, and I am glad to see the MTA celebrating the LGBTQ community and communicating to the public the importance of Pride.” 

“Here in Westchester, the MTA serves as not only a method of transportation but in essence a lifeline for work, culture, leisure and so much more,” said Assembly Member Chris Burdick. “I’m grateful to see the MTA celebrating Pride Month as every person should feel that they are welcomed, respected, and valued.” 

"Pride Month is when we all come together to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community,” said Assembly Member Kenny Burgos. “During this month-long commemoration, it's imperative that we continue to raise awareness in support of their rights and inclusion. I applaud the MTA for launching this campaign and standing in solidarity with LGBTQ+ folks." 

“During this time of heightened threats against out LGBTQ+ community members, it is particularly important that we take time during pride month to make space for our loved ones and recommit to fighting against threats of violence directed at queer people, especially Black and brown trans people, in our communities,” said Assembly Member Marcela Mitaynes. “It's important to do that everywhere— teaching love for our neighbors in classrooms, marching through the streets, or on our vital public transportation. I look forward to bringing my community to events educating all on the importance of pride and celebrating the LBGTQ+ community through this anti-hate campaign.” 

“All New Yorkers should be able to live openly and safely – including while in transit!,” said Assembly Member Amy Paulin. “We’ve made great strides in New York in terms of inclusivity, but our work isn’t done until all New Yorkers can live and love honestly regardless of their sexuality or identity. I congratulate the MTA on their pride-themed public engagement initiative celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month and appreciate their efforts to make New York State a place where we can all thrive together.”   

"I can think of no better way to express the spirit of inclusion than by celebrating New York's LGBTQ+ community on our public transit system,” said Assembly Member Mary Jane Shimsky. “Whether heading to a parade or to work, this June we can all ride with pride for Pride Month!” 

“I would like to express my gratitude to the MTA for their inclusion of Pride messaging and themes on the Railroad and Subways,” said Assembly Member Gina Sillitti. “It is crucial to show ongoing support for the LGBTQIA community and foster a welcoming and supportive environment for all passengers." 

"I am happy to join with the MTA in celebrating pride month,” said Assembly Member Kenneth Zebrowski. “I can’t think of a more important place for New York to demonstrate our inclusive culture than through the MTA transit system which connects our region and our people." 

“In New York City, we are unapologetic about supporting, uplifting, and celebrating our LGBTQIA+ communities,” said NY City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams. “It is critical that all New Yorkers see themselves in our city’s public spaces, events, and campaigns, including our mass transit system. I thank the MTA for creating space for LGBTQIA+ New Yorkers to be seen, heard, and supported throughout Pride Month and beyond." 

“June is Pride Month and it is important to remember the history and people who helped push for the world to be inclusive for all individuals,” said NY City Council Member David Carr. “I am happy to hear that the MTA will be spreading the message of inclusion throughout our transit system to celebrate Pride Month.” 

“New York City is renowned for its diversity, functioning as a melting pot that embodies respect and equality for all, irrespective of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Furthermore, NYC proudly houses the largest LGBTQIA+ population among all U.S. cities,” said NY City Council Member Kristin Richardson Jordan. “The MTA’s comprehensive public engagement campaign exemplifies their unwavering commitment to inclusivity and respect for the LGBTQIA+ community. I have no doubt that NYC will continue to lead the charge for justice. I stand proudly behind the MTA’s efforts and the LGBTQIA+ community.” 

“My district applauds the MTA and their work that recognizes the importance of Pride and inclusion across the transit system.  We look forward to seeing the various Pride-related signage and other material throughout the system during this month,” said NY City Council Member Chi Osse. “We are one city made up of many cultures and backgrounds, and we thank the MTA for recognizing such an important one.” 

“As we celebrate Pride Month and uplift the rights of New York City’s LGBTQ+ community, we are grateful to the MTA for their commitment to inclusion and equality,” said Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson. “With Pride-themed events scheduled throughout the month of June, the release of commemorative MetroCards, signage and decals celebrating the history and contributions of our LGBTQ+ community, the MTA is doing its part to ensure the voices of all New Yorkers are heard and acknowledged. I want to thank Chair and CEO of the MTA, Janno Lieber, and his entire team for their commitment to inclusion and increased visibility for our LGBTQ+ community.” 

“With millions of people riding the trains and buses every day, the MTA is uniquely suited to broadcast messages of radical queer acceptance and celebration,” said Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine. “Every queer New Yorker, commuter, and tourist deserves to feel safe on mass transit and ride with pride.”  

“We are all neighbors and must always commit to embracing our community members from different backgrounds. Let us stand tall and strong, together, and never stop fighting – on good days and bad - for the inalienable rights that we are born with… as we are all created equal,” said Rockland County Executive Ed Day