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MTA Bronx Bus Ambassadors Return for the Start of the School Year

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Updated September 1, 2022 3:30 p.m.

MTA to Staff Key Bus Stop Locations to Assist Riders With Questions on Implemented Changes to Bronx Local Bus Routes

Preliminary Data Shows Improved Speeds and Shorter Travel Times


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced that Bronx bus ambassadors will return Sept. 8 for the start of the school year to help students and bus riders navigate through the redesigned Bronx local bus network launched on June 26. The team of bus ambassadors will reach riders across 18 different locations with a particular focus on areas of substantial service changes, major transfer points and routes with new connections. The redesigned network consists of 13 significantly modified routes, two new routes, and changes on most routes including to bus stops and schedules.

The customer ambassador program will be held on Sept. 8, 9, 12, and 13, the first few days of school, to ensure all riders can navigate the new local bus network with confidence. MTA personnel will be out throughout the day with focused coverage between 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. to provide on-site information and guidance to any bus rider new to the system.

“We want to make sure that all New Yorkers getting ready for the new school year start it on the right foot as smoothly as possible,” said New York City Transit President Richard Davey. “Our customer ambassadors will be out again in several locations across the borough assisting anyone who may be navigating the new bus routes for the first time.”

To improve speeds, the Bronx Local Bus Network Redesign focused on simplifying and straightening circuitous routes and balancing bus stops. Since implementation, Bronx riders, on average, are experiencing shorter waits at bus stops, faster times once the bus arrives, and greater reliability of service. Some routes have had dramatic time savings, particularly the Bx36 crosstown route, saving over 10 minutes in each direction and up to 15 to 20 minutes during the rush hour.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the MTA to deliver faster, more reliable bus service for Bronxites. The early data speak for itself: bus network redesigns are effective at improving bus speeds and reliability, with new routing and schedules that take advantage of DOT’s bus lanes and busways,” said New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez. “Together DOT and MTA support safe, efficient, and environmentally sustainable transportation options. We commend the MTA for their outreach here to ensure commuters are well informed of the streamlined bus network ahead of the start to the school year."

“Because public transportation is a necessity for many of our parents and students, as we prepare for a new academic year, I want to encourage Bronxites to review the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Bronx Local Bus Network Redesign that reduces the high number of stops along 13 bus routes for faster service while launching 2 new routes,” said Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson. “In effect since June, the goal of the redesign is to both streamline and increase the frequency of service for riders getting to and from their destination in an efficient manner. We urge bus riders to plan ahead to experience the convenience for yourself and we look forward to hearing feedback on these important changes. I want to thank the MTA, community boards, transit advocates and everyone else involved in the Bronx Bus Network Redesign Plan for their work over the last few years on this important initiative to bring transit equity to millions of riders.”

“Our youngest transit riders and their caregivers have much to look forward to this school year, including a faster, more reliable, and more equitable local bus network thanks to the Bronx Bus Redesign," said Executive Director of the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA (PCAC) Lisa Daglian and Chair of the New York City Transit Riders Council (NYCTRC) Andrew Albert. "New spacing between bus stops and new bus routes will make the ride to and from school faster, but that means your usual trip may have changed. It’s important that students and caregivers check the MTA’s website, trip planner, the MYmta app, or ask an ambassador at key Bronx bus stops to find your new best route to school. Transit is New York City’s school bus, and we hope that this next generation of riders will take advantage of their student MetroCards to get to class this year!”

“As the summer comes to an end, students and their caregivers should be aware of some significant and exciting new changes that have recently been made to the MTA's bus network in the Bronx,” said Policy & Communications Manager for Tri-State Transportation Campaign Liam Blank. “Knowing before you go to school is the best way to ensure that your first week back to class goes smoothly. We strongly encourage all students to continue taking transit to and from school, especially now that bus service in the borough has gotten a major facelift.”

"As students go back to school, the difference between being late or on time can be whether the commute goes as planned,” said NYPIRG Regional Director for Resiliency and Equity Natasha Elder. “With the redesign of the Bronx bus system, students can take advantage of new bus lanes, like on University Ave, and faster service. We know our students are the future of our city and our city's recovery and they deserve fast, reliable bus service."

The redesigned local bus network also offers more off-peak service and better connections to the subway system and other bus lines. The MTA encourages students and bus riders to visit new.mta.info or the MYmta app to plan their bus trip. Customers can view route-specific profiles and updates online, including a list of any bus stop changes, adjustments to service frequency and a map that illustrates the new route alongside the old route. The new Bronx bus schedules also remain available online.

For real time service information, customers may wish to sign-up for service alerts here. The MTA’s notification system makes it easy for customers to sign up for alerts specific to their trip and allows riders to configure date and time restrictions.