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MTA Bridges and Tunnels Announces Toll Enforcement Statistics

Bridges and Tunnels
Updated October 5, 2021 9:00 a.m.
Bridges and Tunnels Toll Evasion

A Top Toll Violator Was Interdicted on Oct. 1 with $58,000 in Unpaid Tolls and Fees 

Agency Has Impounded More Than 5,000 Vehicles and Issued More Than 31,000 Summonses for Obstructed or Covered License Plates 

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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced that Bridge and Tunnel Officers at the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge had stopped a motorist on Friday who owed $58,000 in unpaid tolls and resulting fees, one of the agency’s top toll violators. The motorist was charged with driving with a suspended registration and has a court date of Oct. 21. The vehicle was impounded.  

The agency also announced that since it had transitioned to open-road tolling in 2017, it has impounded more than 5,000 vehicles belonging to motorists who had repeatedly failed to pay their tolls and officers had issued more than 31,000 summonses for obstructed or covered license plates. Motorists can re-register their vehicles after settling their tolls and fees with the agency.  

The MTA had mailed the violator nearly 400 notifications detailing outstanding tolls and fees due and noting that enforcement action would be taken.  

“Our law enforcement personnel are trained to look for motorists who have repeatedly failed to pay their tolls, and are equipped with specialized license plate readers that can instantly identify those motorists,” said Daniel F. DeCrescenzo Jr., President of MTA Bridges and Tunnels. “Drivers who have failed to pay their toll bills are subject to being pulled over and having their car impounded. I commend our officers for their vigilance in making this stop.”  

Motorists can avoid fees and registration suspensions by paying their toll bills on time and can get toll rates discounted by up to 40% by using E-ZPass. To set up an E-ZPass account, visit E-ZPassny.com.  

Motorists who tamper with their license plates to make it difficult to read, or place a cover over their plate are also subject to being stopped and given a summons for obstructed or covered license plates, which carries a fine of $138.