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MTA Bridges and Tunnels Announces Record Revenue in 2023 as Enforcement Metrics Increase

Bridges and Tunnels
Updated Jan 22, 2024 11:30 a.m.

2023 Toll Revenue Projected to Have Increased by 2.9%

2,731 Interceptions of Persistent Toll Violators

26 Arrests for Forged License Plates

148 Fewer Collisions at Crossings Over 2022

Comes During Historic Traffic Volumes in Agency History

MTA Bridges and Tunnels today shared highlights from its record-breaking year in 2023. The agency experienced all-time high traffic volumes even as it saw fewer collisions and improved toll enforcement. Agency crossings are projected to have generated over $2.4 billion in toll revenues in 2023 – $68 million more than in 2022. Bridges and Tunnels officers intercepted 2,731 vehicles in 2023, a 46.6% increase over the previous year. Officers issued 17,865 summonses in 2023, an increase of 2,300 or 15% over 2022, including 3,217 for covered or obstructed license plates. Officers made 26 arrests for criminal possession of a forged license plate. While the agency recorded its highest annual traffic volume in its 87-year history in 2023, vehicle collisions declined by 11%, with 148 fewer collisions than 2022.
“With traffic volumes reaching historic levels, it’s easier than ever to pay tolls with E-ZPass,” said MTA Bridges and Tunnels President Catherine Sheridan. “I’m proud of the hard work of the revenue recovery staff at Bridges and Tunnels and these 2023 accomplishments should remind those who attempt to evade tolls that they will get caught and they will pay.”
In 2023 MTA Bridges and Tunnels recovered $35.4 million from recidivist toll scofflaws, 61% more than 2022, or 98% of the tolls owed since the inception of its DMV Registration Suspension Program.
This enforcement aligns with a coordinated strategy by MTA Bridges and Tunnels and city and state law enforcement partners, who announced a joint effort against obstructed and counterfeit license plates last year.
MTA Bridges and Tunnels uses a variety of tools to identify violators and interdict vehicles:
  • DMV registration suspensions
  • Robust roadside interdictions
  • Data-driven intelligence to continuously identify persistent toll violators
Motorists can avoid violation fees and registration suspensions by paying their toll bills on time, using the award-winning Tolls NY free mobile application to pay tolls or manage their E-ZPass accounts. E-ZPass NY Customer Service Center account holders can save up to 40% at MTA B&T tolled crossings by using E-ZPass. To set up an E-ZPass account or for more information, visit www.ezpassny.com. NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law prohibits any covering or coating that intentionally conceals, obscures, or distorts an image of license plates.