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MTA Board Votes to Begin Public Review Process for Central Business District Tolling Rate Schedule

Updated Dec 6, 2023 4:30 p.m.
MTA Board Votes to Adopt the Tolling Recommendations of the Traffic Mobility Review Board

The Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA) Board, which is coterminous with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Board, today voted to begin public review of a tolling structure for Central Business District Tolling, New York’s congestion pricing program.

The public review, to be conducted in accordance with the New York State Administrative Procedure Act (SAPA), will be similar to review processes regularly undertaken when MTA proposes fare and toll modifications. Following a 60-day public comment period where members of the public can offer comments electronically, or via voicemail or U.S. Mail, there will be a series of hybrid virtual and in-person public hearings that will be held on dates and times to be announced.

The subject of the review is the slate of toll proposals that are found as Attachment A on pages 14-16 of the MTA Board’s Dec. 6 meeting agenda. The proposals are informed by, and largely mirror, recommendations issued on Nov. 30 by the Traffic Mobility Review Board.

“Today’s a big day, people have been talking about congestion pricing for generations – going back to the late ’60s,” said MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber. “We have a plan, produced by an incredibly thoughtful TMRB, that achieves our big goals – keeping the toll low, providing big night and weekend discounts and also discounts and exemptions for the folks who really need to drive. Process-wise, we have a ways to go but we have already done 25+ public meetings and hearings, responded to 70,000 comments, so we’re determined to keep moving forward to implementation.”

Hearings are expected to be held in early 2024. After the conclusion of the public hearing process, the MTA Board will review the input received, and then schedule a vote to authorize adoption, as is or with modifications. Toll collection is anticipated to commence in late spring.

While the public review process is underway, the vendor that is building out the toll system and infrastructure will continue installing the infrastructure that will be used for toll collection. As of today, 60% of the sites are complete.