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MTA Announces Increased Subway and Bus Customer Satisfaction in Areas NYC Transit Has Enhanced Customer Service

New York City Transit
Updated Jul 17, 2023 7:00 p.m.

Satisfaction Among NYC Transit Customers Continues Upward Trend from Spring 2022 Results 

Subway Stations with Newly Installed Customer Service Centers or Stations Recently Re-New-Vated Report Higher Satisfaction Compared to Fall 2022  

29 Priority Bus Routes Report Average of 8% Increase in Satisfaction; Bronx Bus Riders Continue to Show Increased Satisfaction Following Local Bus Redesign 

OMNY Payment Fare Method Records Satisfaction Rate of Nearly 80% as Market Share of Paid Rides Increases to 40% 

View NYC Transit Spring 2023 Customers Count Survey Results 

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced the results of the Spring 2023 Customers Count Survey, which showed increased satisfaction for subway, bus and paratransit riders. Overall satisfaction continues to steadily increase from Spring 2022, with subway, bus and paratransit riders all reporting higher satisfaction rates in the Spring 2023 survey compared to last Spring’s results with express bus riders leading the way with a 79% satisfaction rate. 

OMNY continues to be a hit with riders, with a 79% satisfaction rate on fare payment method among users as its market share among pay rides has climbed to approximately 40%.   

“Increasing the satisfaction of our subway, bus, and paratransit customers is the North Star of NYC Transit, and these survey results show that we are making progress towards our goal of 70% satisfaction by 2024," said NYC Transit President Richard Davey. "We are especially pleased to see customer satisfaction increase among riders who use stations with new Customer Service Centers or those that have been beautified through our Station Re-NEW-Vation program. This is a new era of customer service at NYC Transit, and as we continue to push for faster, cleaner, and safer service in the months to come, we look forward to continued improvements in customer satisfaction.” 

Subway service overall increased two percentage points, including a 3% improvement in personal safety and security. Satisfaction among subway lines improved across most lines, with the   ranking among the top three with all three lines among the top four in the Fall 2022. The   line showed the greatest improvement with a four-percentage point bump up to 64% since the Fall 2022 survey. 

According to the survey, subway riders who travel to and from stations that now feature a Customer Service Center reported higher satisfaction with Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs   station users seeing the greatest increase in satisfaction from the Fall 2022 survey, increasing ten percentage points to 71%. Increased satisfaction was also reported by subway riders who benefit from a station re-new-vation, with overall satisfaction increasing from 59% to 61%. 

The Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av   subway station is a recently re-new-vated station that has reported the highest satisfaction rating at 76%, and DeKalb Av   station showed the greatest improved satisfaction, with the station satisfaction increasing to 68%, up from 61% in the Fall 2022 survey. 

On buses, Bronx bus riders continue to report high satisfaction rates following the Bronx Local Bus Redesign. Overall satisfaction has increased to 61%, with three routes – M100, Bx36, and Bx11 – reporting a satisfaction rate of at least 70%. 

Of the 29 priority bus routes identified by NYC Transit, routes that have high ridership and low performance, there was an average 8% improvement. The M7, Bx2, B15, Q8 and S48 showed the greatest improvement in satisfaction per borough, with the Q8 and S48 each reporting an increase of 14 percentage points.