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Grand Central Information Booth Closed for Maintenance Work

Metro-North Railroad
Updated January 14, 2022 10:15 a.m.

Information Booth at Iconic Clock Will be Closed Through Sunday, Jan. 30


MTA Metro-North Railroad is advising customers that the information booth located at the iconic clock on Grand Central Terminal’s main concourse will be closed starting today. The booth is expected to be closed for two weeks to accommodate maintenance work, and is expected to reopen on Sunday, Jan. 30. 

Customers will still be able to get assistance on the main concourse by visiting Ticket Window 28. Metro-North is also reminding customers of the many customer service channels available to them. 

Ways to Get Information 

Information about all planned service changes is available through the MTA’s many real-time service information sources.      

MYmta app – Customers who use the comprehensive MYmta smartphone app will see real-time travel information for all MTA services all in one place.  
new.MTA.info–The “Service Status” box at new.MTA.infois always the definitive source for the latest status for each line. 

Train Time app – Metro-North unveiled major upgrades to its Train Time app late last year to keep customers updated by the second. The upgraded app includes real-time capacity tracking to enhance social distancing, real-time train location updates every three seconds, and is available in six languages.    

Email and text message service updates – Customers are urged to sign up to receive alerts, tailored by specific branch and time of day, by visiting www.MyMTAAlerts.com.       

Twitter – Twitter users can follow @MTA and @MetroNorth to receive dynamic service updates and customer service support.    

WhatsApp – Customers can chat with Metro-North via WhatsApp. NYC Transit first added the function last year and following its success Metro-North introduced this tool for their customers in March. WhatsApp expands the number of customer service channels available to riders and is especially helpful for non-native English speakers. Riders can receive customer service support in their native language through the help of Google Translate. 

These communication channels can be accessed while at home or on the go. For customers who are located at stations, the MTA will post the latest service updates on digital signs at station platforms and will make audio announcements over public address systems, and on-board announcements made by train crews.      

For those who prefer to contact the MTA by telephone, information is available by dialing 511, the New York State Travel Information Line. Connecticut customers should call 877-690-5114. Those who are deaf or hard of hearing can use their preferred service provider for the free 711 relay to reach the MTA at 511.