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Vincent Tessitore, Jr.

Vincent Tessitore, Jr. from the chest up
Recommended by: United Transportation Union
Appointed on: June 30, 2007
Term expires: January 1, 2013 (Holdover member, which means his term has expired but he is still an active member)
Committee assignments: LIRR/MNR, Finance, CPOC, B&T, Safety
Additional information: Nonvoting member

​​​​​​Vincent Tessitore, Jr. is the vice general chairman of the Sheet Metal Air Rail Transportation Union's Transportation Divisions (SMART) and local chairman, delegate of Local 645 (aka UTU) on the Long Island Rail Road. He ran for office originally as first ran for union office in 2005 and has held various positions since, winning elections by acclamation.

Mr. Tessitore was hired as an assistant conductor on the LIRR in 1994. He qualified and was promoted to conductor in 1998 and later was named training specialist in the Human Resources Department, where he was responsible for the training of more than 700 transportation department employees in the areas of operating rules, emergency preparedness, security awareness, fare collection, and the physical characteristics of Long Island Rail Road property.

In 2005 he returned to the Transportation Department as a conductor and began his career with the United Transportation Union, now merged as SMART.

Mr. Tessitore is a member of the Railroad Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC) conductor certification working group. He is an officer of the LIRR Columbia Association Italian-American Society, an active supporter and fundraiser for Autism Speaks, and a member of the East Islip Youth Sports Association.