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Lawrence Schwartz

Lawrence Schwartz from the chest up
Recommended by: Governor
Date appointed: June 25, 2015
Term expires: January 1, 2023
Committee assignments: Finance (Chair), NYCT/MTA Bus, B&T, Corporate Governance

Lawrence Schwartz is chief strategy officer at OTG, an airport concessions company.

Prior to joining OTG in 2015, he served as secretary to Governor Andrew Cuomo, a position he held from 2011. In that role as chief of staff and most senior advisor to the governor, he was responsible for determining and implementing the administration’s fiscal and legislative initiatives.

Before serving under Governor Cuomo, Schwartz served as secretary to Governor David Paterson. Joining the administration mid-way through Paterson’s term, he brought immediate leadership and results to the executive chamber.

He functioned as the lead negotiator for all budget items, and managed complex issues, such as bringing swift resolution to a contract dispute over the World Trade Center site and ensuring the on-time completion of the 9/11 Memorial.

A Long Island native, Schwartz also served as Deputy County Executive in Westchester and Suffolk Counties.

He graduated State University at Binghamton with a Bachelor’s in political science.