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New York City Transit QPL Item Listings

Updated Jul 2, 2024

New York City Transit QPL Items

Dear Prospective Supplier:

Enclosed you will find a copy of New York City Transit’s Qualified Products List, also known as the QPL. The QPL is a list of New York City Transit stock items whose products* require a standardized procurement for reasons of efficiency, economy, compatibility or maintenance reliability. QPL products have been screened prior to solicitation, and been found acceptable based on test and/or performance data and/or reliability. The purpose of the QPL is to expedite the procurement process while maintaining a high quality of goods, by restricting awards to suppliers of pre-qualified products.

The enclosed package contains the following QPL information:
1. Commodity numbers (xx-xx-xxxx) and descriptions
2. Approved products and their manufacturers for each commodity number
3. The estimated annual usage for each commodity number
Qualification of products is conducted in accordance with the following guidelines:

Only vendors who quote on products that have been pre-qualified are considered for the award of a purchase order. Vendors quoting an "equal" will be considered non-responsive and ineligible for award. A vendor may submit an application for QPL status of a product at any time. A vendor may be directed to obtain an independent laboratory report** which must certify that the product or material meets or exceeds the Authority's specifications. Nevertheless, the final determination that a product is qualified is solely the Authority's decision. The vendor may be asked to provide information relating to quality control and related criteria. The principal burden of providing product qualification information and the expense thereof is to be borne by the vendor. In some cases, where New York City Transit would incur significant costs to evaluate a product, a fee will be charged to cover evaluation costs. In the past, bids that offered non-qualified products, while non-responsive, were nevertheless treated as preliminary applications for qualification. This is no longer the case. All requests for qualification of products should include the New York City Transit commodity number against which qualification is being requested, a description of the product, the manufacturer’s name and the manufacturer’s brand or part number. These requests should be addressed to

Mr. Kennith B. Norman, Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Chair, QPL Advisory Committee
Vendor Relation
New York City Transit, Room B18.52
2 Broadway
New York, New York 10004
Or call Monica W. Morris at
Telephone: 646-252-6339
Fax: 646-252-6174

*The word "product" is intended to refer to a specific manufacturer's brand of material or equipment, whereas the word "item" is intended to refer to its generic description. **The laboratory must be accredited by the American Council of Independent Laboratories, Inc., or be otherwise acceptable to the Authority. A directory of accredited laboratories may be obtained by writing to: Office of the Executive Director, American Association for Laboratory Accreditation,
Suite 704, 656 Quince Orchard Road, Gaithersburg, MD, 20878 301-670-1337.


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