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Non-commercial activities at Grand Central Terminal

Updated Dec 6, 2022
Grand Central Terminal, empty

About the space

Metro-North Railroad has designated a space in the Graybar Passage at Grand Central Terminal for Non-Commercial Activities, including Freedom of Speech. This space is managed by MNR Station Operations/Grand Central Terminal Events.

This space may be used for non-commercial activities only, such as: public speaking and/or the advancement of a charitable or religious cause.

Other activities, such as artistic performances, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for consideration and approval.

Terms and conditions apply.

Information and application

For more information on Grand Central Terminal's non-commercial activity space, you can

  • Send an email
  • Contact us by postal mail at Metro North Railroad, 89 E. 42nd Street, New York, NY, 10017, ATTN: Events Team

Download the permit application and return it by email or by mail to the address above.

For musical performances, we partner with MTA Music (Music Under New York). All MTA Music performers who wish to use our space must also complete our form for music performers. Email for more information.