L Project

Updated: 3/15/2019

The proposed plan for the L Project under the revised approach is still evolving. In the meantime, we’re planning ahead with a new slate of alternate service options to help you get around. Use this page to learn more or plan to meet up with us at an upcoming open house.

Current planned L service changes

There are still planned service changes on nights and weekends until April. Always check MYmta to view the current status of the line before traveling to be aware of any unplanned changes

Current service changes to the L

Proposed service plan during rehabilitation work

With the revised approach, the L will continue as normal during the busiest weekday times. During nights and weekends, L service will be reduced. We're adding extra M, G, 7, and bus service to give you more options. We're also adding a special 'Williamsburg Link' bus for additional service. As before, subways are the fastest way to get around, so our plan is focused on connecting you with a subway line as quickly as possible.

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Your options for getting around nights and weekends during the project

The L will still run 24/7, but you have other options during the few times (late nights and weekends) when L service will run less frequently. Here are alternatives so you can plan ahead:

From Manhattan to Brooklyn

If you use an L station in Manhattan to travel to Brooklyn, consider taking the M from 14 St-6 Av. You can also use the M14A bus to connect to the Delancey St Essex St FJM station for service into Brooklyn. If you’re further uptown, the 7 train is another option to connect to the G train at Court Sq.

Within Manhattan

If you use the L to travel within Manhattan, consider taking the additional M14A bus service we’ll be running. Combined with the M14D, there will be a bus available every three minutes on weekends.

From Brooklyn to Manhattan

If you use the Bedford Av or Lorimer St L stations, considering starting your trip at your closest M or G station. You can also take one of the new Williamsburg Link buses to get to the M and G lines.

Between DeKalb Av and Lorimer St, consider starting your trip at your closest M station. You might also consider taking the G and switching to the 7 line at Court Sq.

From the Bushwick Av-Aberdeen St L station to Myrtle Wyckoff Avs, transfer to the M line at Myrtle-Wyckoff for service into Manhattan.

Between Canarsie-Rockaway Pkwy and Broadway Junction, consider transferring to the A, C, or J lines at Broadway Junction.

If you take the L from a station between Canarsie-Rockaway Pkwy and Livonia Av, you can also consider transferring for free with your MetroCard to the 3 line at Junius St.

Community conversations

We've been meeting with people from every community affected by the L Project. We're attending community meetings, hosting our own open houses, and even meeting with people on subway platforms.

Find out about upcoming events and see materials from past events

Construction during the L Project

We broke ground for the L Project in July 2017. The completed work to date was primarily for the capacity and accessibility projects we designed in tandem with the tunnel work to make the most of the closure. We will continue with needed repairs, and, as always, safety will be our top priority.

Find out what we will be doing during the project

Project timing and latest news

We broke ground for the L Project in July 2017. The completed work to date progressed the capacity and accessibility projects we designed in tandem with the tunnel work. We’re moving ahead to be ready to start the tunnel rehabilitation in late April.

February 13-14, 2019: We briefed elected officials, community board leadership and advocate groups on the construction progress and service options proposal. Download a copy of the presentation and review.