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MTA Green/Sustainability Information

Updated Apr 3, 2024

Note: Our investor terms of use apply.

MTA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Target

On April 20, 2023, the MTA committed to reduce the emissions from our own operations by at least 85% by 2040, from a 2015 baseline.  Read the press release. 

View the slide presentation presented to the Board on April 26, 2023.

MTA's strategy is a three-pronged approach, each of which will be integrated into MTA capital plans. 

  • Update facilities: Reduce fossil fuel use and energy consumption in stations and support facilities.
  • Transition fleets: Reduce fossil fuels used for buses, trains, and non-revenue vehicles.
  • Use energy efficiently: Optimize energy use through energy management, regenerative energy, and storage.

Learn more about the Climate and MTA.


Climate Resilience

Learn more about MTA's completed Climate Resilience Projects.  

See the Resiliency Roadmap Progress Presentation from the January 2024 Board meeting

MTA Carbon Emissions Reporting

MTA endeavors to voluntarily identify and track instances of greenhouse emissions and the measures taken toward their avoidance, in order to work effectively towards reducing its own carbon footprint while contributing to the public’s understanding of the role mass transit plays in reducing carbon emissions.

MTA is a Founding Member of The Climate Registry and has been reporting its greenhouse gas emissions annually via The Climate Registry Information System (free login required) since 2008. The latest verified reports are available there. You can also read them here, see the latest below under Carbon Accounting Reports.

Green Bonds/Climate Bond Certification

MTA issues certain bonds as green bonds, which are certified by the Climate Bonds Initiative under its Climate Bonds Standard and sector eligibility requirements of Land Transport Criteria (successor to the Low Carbon Transport Criteria).  Learn more about MTA's Green Bonds and Climate Bond Certification.