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Bike Regulations for Metro-North Railroad

Updated Dec 28, 2021
Here are rules for taking your bike on Metro-North trains.

Bicycle Access Permits

You no longer need a permit to bring a bicycle on Metro-North Railroad trains. 

Types of Bicycles

  • All bicycles carried on board must be clean and free of excessive dirt and grease at all times
  • Cyclists may board trains only after all other customers have boarded
  • Watch the gap while entering and exiting the train with bicycles
  • Cyclists must remain in the immediate proximity and in full control of their bicycles at all times
    • Single-seat, human-powered, two-wheeled vehicles, with a wheel diameter not in excess of 27 inches and maximum dimensions of 80"x 48". 
  • True folding bicycles must remain folded at all times.
  • Not permitted: Bicycles in excess of the above dimensions, as well as tandem, motorized, or training-wheeled bicycles, tricycles, or bicycles with any protrusions that could cause injury or damage.

For West of Hudson service, New Jersey Transit (NJT) rules apply.