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MTA/New York City Transit memorabilia and collectibles

Updated Jan 4, 2024
Own a piece of MTA history through our memorabilia sales program.

About memorabilia and collectibles sales

In addition to the MTA’s Surplus Sales offerings, we are very pleased to present a sales program designed especially for buyers interested in acquiring a little bit of NYC Transit’s History.

The MTA has station signs and fixtures, vintage tokens, and other “collectibles” such as grabholds, doors, seating, and destination signs from retired subway cars including NYCT's historic “Redbirds” and “Brightliners” (R32), R38, R40, and R42 for sale when available.

All items are sold with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

We feature items of interest to buyers, collectors or anyone who shares an interest in New York City Transit’s history. If you would like to be placed on our mailing list, please email us your name, address and type of material you are interested in to asset.recovery@nyct.com.

Please note:

Questions?  Please e-mail us at Asset.Recovery@nyct.com

Online orders suspended until February

Online memorabilia and collectibles orders will be suspended until February due to the NYCT Memorabilia and Collectibles Pop-Up Shop Event.

Memorabilia and collectibles for sale

The following items are available for sale.

New Addition: M Line Strip Maps

Taken the subway recently? Then you have seen these strip maps overhead. Rare chance to grab these before they sell out!

See the full listing for details.

Subway strip maps.

Listing #: MC21038: Emergency Telephone and Alarm Box with Mounting Bracket

This will not help you in an Emergency, but at least you will look prepared! 

Grab it before it's gone. Limited quantity.

See the full listing for details.

An alarm box.

List #: MC17593: Refuse canister

Authentic, unique, and probably one of the most useful  items in every home, work or office now can be yours. Hurry and grab this rare item which is available in  limited quantity.

See the full listing for details. 

A trash can.

List #: MC08335; 02127: Subway car builder plates

These unique pieces were removed from retired “Brightliners” (R32), R38s, R40s, R42s and “Redbirds”. These cars are now serving as artificial ocean reefs in Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey. The plates are engraved: “Builders – St. Louis Car Co.” “Sumitomo Corp. 1988”

Both companies are no longer in business at this time. 

See the full listing for details.

Builders plates from vintage subway cars

List #: MC08406: Subway seat

Can you imagine adding an authentic seat from the subway car to your home, work or office? The “oohhs” and “ahhs” you will get from your family, friends, co-workers, and customers!

See the full listing for details. 

A subway seat.

List #: MC02127 ; 08414: Grabholds and Stanchion Poles

This handy structure is what you use to hold on to as the subway takes you to your destination. 

See the full listing for details. 

One side of the image has a subway grabhold. The other has subway poles.

List #: MC04045: NYC Transit Station Signs

Enjoy a different type of decor for your home or office with an official NYC Transit Station Sign. There is an array to choose from and all different sizes!

See the full listing for details.

Subway station signs. One reads Avenue U. The other reads Neck Road.

List #: MC04044: NYC Transit vintage tokens

These tokens are now retired out of circulation and make great collector’s items. Choose from your favorite “Y” cut, Express Bus, Bullseye, Solid Brass and others.

See the full listing for details.

A collection of vintage subway tokens.

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