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Filming on MTA properties

When you want to capture the energy of NYC’s subway system for your movie, television series, or commercial, you don’t want to fake it—you want the real thing. The MTA can make your vision a reality. 


Actors Karyn Pittman and Cynthia Nixon talk on a subway platform in front of a subway car
And Just Like That


Since it opened in 1904, films have been shot in the subway system. In fact, the man behind the camera in much of that early subway footage was legendary inventor Thomas Edison. Since then, it’s been featured in many television shows, feature films—including Ghostbusters, The Americans, Russian Doll, and The Joker, and even in music videos. 


Actors from John Wick 3 stand in Grand Central Terminal
John Wick 3


The MTA’s bridges, tunnels, railroads, and various other properties also are no stranger to the screen. Take Grand Central Terminal, for example, a cinematic dream that’s been featured in Hollywood classics like Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest. Hitchcock also shot scenes there for his 1945 movie Spellbound. You’ll spot this iconic location in The Avengers, The Fisher King, Midnight Run, and John Wick 3, too... to name just a few. 

Want to add your project to this impressive list? The MTA has the key to unlocking its vast system for your production. We’ve worked with TV and film crews for decades, and have met every kind of demanding technical, logistical, and scheduling requirement. 


Timothee Chalamet and Martin Scorsese sitting on subway train car
Filming of Bleu de Chanel commercial

MTA Film Locations

The MTA has a look that fits any era you are trying to replicate on film. We’re a location manager’s dream. Some of the locations we offer: 

  • Historic bridges, such as the Throgs Neck and the Verrazzano-Narrows 
  • Underground locations isolated from public view 
  • Buses 
  • Commuter trains and suburban stations 
  • Exteriors that showcase a range of residential and city views 

If you're looking for authenticity, the MTA has you covered. 


ACtor Emily Blunt, on a Metro-North train car, looks out of the window
The Girl on the Train

Important things to know

  • We need a letter of intent, script, and storyboard.
  • We require insurance minimums for general liability, automotive liability, and workmen’s compensation. 
    • If your request includes a platform or a train, we also require proof of a railroad protective liability insurance binder. (Note: Insurance requirements may differ by agency.)

Fee and lead time

  • Our fee depends upon the scope of your project, the number of transit workers required to assist your production company, the type of equipment appropriate for your production, and the duration of filming.
  • Please provide a minimum of three weeks lead time.


  • On the platform: All equipment and personnel must remain behind the yellow tiles.
  • On the tracks: Everyone in your production group who may have to work on or near the tracks must take a track safety course. This ensures that the crew and actors will learn proper procedures to protect themselves against possible track dangers, as well as about being next to moving trains.

We look forward to working with you to make the best New York movie possible.

Film production members wearing safety vests are standing on a platform, one with a bullhorn, speaking to actors and extras who are standing in the train tracks
Filming of The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009)

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