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MTA Advertising Opportunities

Updated Nov 23, 2022

Rates and the availability of advertising space

Please note that all advertising opportunities, with the exception of MetroCard®, are handled by OUTFRONT Media. To inquire about rates and the availability of advertising space, please contact:

Kenny Pober

Why advertise with the MTA?

With over 7.9 million riders across the full MTA network each day, there is no better way to capture New Yorkers’ attention with your brand message. We know that the most successful brands reach their audiences in the right place, at the right time, and with enough frequency to truly resonate with them. In fact, with an average commute time of 41 mins and the majority of those commuters riding MTA network 6 times a week, advertising with the MTA provides you with an opportunity to connect with these New Yorkers in a meaningful way.

We are also stepping up our game on the tech side, creating opportunities for better looking creative and greater impact. Full-motion video triptychs are already popping up in stations across the network.

Types of advertising

Billboards (MTA New York City Transit)

Brands are built on our billboards with high impact IRL canvases primed for key messaging. Our billboards are attached to elevated structures outside stations, facing vehicular traffic and pedestrians alike in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Both digital and traditional assets included in this network.

Buses (MTA Bus Company, MTA New York City Transit)

Buses follow people throughout the day, canvassing the busiest areas of our city and providing exposure to local commuters, drivers and people on the street. Bus transit display is a unique opportunity to go where people are, throughout their journey, and share your messaging in all the areas in which they live, shop, work, love and play.

Explore our bus advertising to share your messaging and drive greater brand awareness and resonance by mingling with your audience in ways in which other media formats cannot.  We offer display advertising on both the interior and exterior of buses, as well as in terminals in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Long Island.

Commuter Railroad Cars, Stations, and Billboards

Rail advertising puts your message right in front of the audiences with some of the longest commute times. Big, national brands, suburban locals, and everything in between can connect with rail riders. With interior and exterior branding opportunities, share your messaging with riders and onlookers, as well as people on nearby highways. Break up the monotony of commuting by engaging with these daily rail riders, drive frequency and recall for your message, and get you brand story heard.

MTA Long Island Rail Road

Our display advertising along the LIRR includes rail cars and stations along the train lines, as well as Pennsylvania Station on the Long Island Rail Road Level and billboards along the railway in Manhattan, Queens, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. Both digital and traditional assets included in this network.

Metro-North Railroad

We offer display advertising in rail cars, stations, and Grand Central Terminal, as well as on billboards along the railway in the Bronx, Westchester County, and Connecticut, including Fairfield County. Both digital and traditional assets included in this network.

Digital Network

Located throughout the MTA network, we have a number of digital assets ranging from static digital urban panels to full-motion video screens in stations as well as our LiveboardTM network.   This digital presence is growing at a tremendous pace withplans to install thousands of additional Liveboards throughout the 5 boroughs, as well as along the MetroNorth and LIRR Commuter Rail lines.  These digital networks provide a new and unique scalable opportunity to communicate with transit riders in a very captive environment.

These expansive digital opportunities offer advertisers creative flexibility and an impactful full motion video canvas to reach their target audience as they travel throughout the NYC area.

MetroCard® Advertising Services

Put your message directly into the hands of MTA customers by displaying advertising on the back and/or front of the MetroCard®;

Or, call for details:

Christine Goodridge
MTA NYC Transit

(MetroCard is a registered trademark of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.)

Station WiFi Portal

To inquire about rates and the availability of advertising space on the free WiFi portal in stations, please contact:

Anthony Mazzarella​

Subway Cars and Stations (MTA New York City Transit, MTA Staten Island Railway)

Subway transit advertising puts your message right in front of your audience when and where they are in need of a distraction. Tell your story through car cards, station platform posters, digital units, floor graphics and turnstiles. Many of today’s hottest startups and millennial facing brands have looked to subway and rail advertising to build their brands because they know frequency of ridership means frequency of exposure to you message during key commuting hours.

Our subway cars and stations provide display advertising, and full motion video in select stations, along the full train lines in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Staten Island. Both digital and traditional assets included in this network.

Urban Panels (MTA New York City Transit)

Situated above subway entrances, urban panels are dominant and vibrant street level displays, allowing for an unrivaled connection with daily urban commuters. Visible to subway riders, pedestrians, and vehicular traffic, they display messages with great reach and frequency and the opportunity to develop ultimate brand awareness. With the average person spending 70% of their time out of the home, urban panels are a perfect way to reach your target audiences.

We feature illuminated and non-illuminated display advertising at street-level subway entrances in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. Both digital and traditional assets included in this network.