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Branded MetroCards

Updated May 14, 2024
MetroCards are an iconic advertising platform that generates great "buzz." Throughout their 30-year history, custom-branded MetroCards have been prized for their collectability. MetroCards will be retired soon, replaced by our new OMNY contactless payment system.

MetroCards in 2024

The last “standard” branded MetroCards, available at current rates, must be ordered by March 15, 2024 for distribution no later than June 1, 2024.


After that, the MTA is offering advertisers the unique opportunity to create one of the final two custom MetroCards to ever be offered.  These last two cards must be part of a holistic campaign that promotes your brand and the cards, while also delivering a unique rider benefit/experience. Contact Lucy Zachman for more details. 


Lucy Zachman 
SVP, MTA Advertising & Promotions 
(212) 878-7276

Your Options

  • Advertise on the back or both sides of the MetroCard. 
  • Target up to 10 stations for distribution through subway station vending machines.
  • Advertise on print runs from 50,000–1,000,000+ cards. The larger the run, the lower your per-card cost.
  • Boost your branded MetroCard's message by adding digital screens and unique high-impact station takeovers.

Image of David Bowie MetroCard
David Bowie Is MetroCard


David Bowie station takeover at Broadway Lafayette
The David Bowie Is advertising takeover at Broadway-Lafayette

Image of MetroCard and four backs of MetroCards showing the performers Cam'ron, LL Cool J, Pop Smoke and Rakiim
Hip Hop MetroCards featuring Cam'ron, LL Cool J, Pop Smoke, and Rakim

Important things to know

  • We do not print in quantities below 50,000 cards.
  • MetroCard artwork is subject to approval by the MTA.
  • No discounts for non-profit entities.
  • Production requires a minimum of 12 weeks for 4-color artwork from the point that final MTA-approved artwork is submitted for production.

Contact us


Lucy Zachman 
SVP, MTA Advertising & Promotions 
(212) 878-7276


Kevin Serapilio 
MTA Marketing