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MTA Data Sets FAQs

Does it cost to use MTA data?

Our data feeds are free to use. App developers must only agree to the terms and conditions of this access and complete and submit the online registration form. Once that form is reviewed and accepted, the developer will be issued a Developer's API key enabling the developer to access the MTA's data feeds.

Can I use MTA logos, maps, or symbols?

Use of our intellectual property requires a license. We've put together a simple, easy-to-understand developer package for licensing our identity for use in your project.

Request a license.

Why aren't MTA logos and symbols free to use?

The MTA protects its brand identity and intellectual property on behalf of the public. Revenues generated from licensing go back into our budget, helping provide services for our customers. If an MTA-approved mobile application is provided to the public free of charge, the MTA requires a license but will not charge a license fee for the use of our intellectual property.