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Apply for a job in IT and IT security at the MTA

Updated Oct 1, 2021
We are actively seeking to hire IT and security specialists looking to spread their wings, bring new ideas, and inject a spirit of innovation into the MTA, not only to solve transportation issues, but to better serve our more than 8 million daily riders, streamline operations, and become more cost-effective.

Discover the New MTA

As an early adopter of technology, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has been at the leading edge of public transit innovation. From “next train” countdown clocks and real-time subway maps, to multi-modal phone apps and new contactless payments, we continue to use digital innovation to improve the rider experience – making public transit easier and faster to use, more reliable, and more transparent.

People sit near and walk by two large digital screens on the wall of a subway station. The screens show arriving trains and service status.
Screens with real-time information in a subway station.
A man stands at a lecturn in a subway station. A screen with a subway map is visible over his shoulder.
The debut of the new live subway map.

See open positions

We've got a number of open positions for multiple skill and experience levels. See a sample of open positions and apply.

Be a part of the new MTA

We’ve made great progress, but applying emerging technologies or using existing technologies in entirely new ways, you’ll have a perpetual opportunity to drastically improve the passenger experience.  Where else can you see your ideas come to fruition and benefit millions of people at once?

We’re leading a technology and data-driven revolution here at the MTA where new technologies—artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and augmented reality, and the Internet of Things (IoT), to name a few—are gaining ground. Fast.

We welcome all who are interested in improving not only how our transportation services are managed and secured, but also in how our customers experience and navigate New York.

We are headquartered in lower Manhattan, but have openings across our service territory, including Long Island, Staten Island, and counties north of the City. In addition to competitive salaries, MTA employees enjoy free travel on either subways and buses, or one of our commuter railroads, top-tier health insurance, generous vacation allowances, and so much more.

“We are bringing together a team of forward thinking professionals to build better, more robust systems to support MTA operations in the 21st century. Technology is engrained in our DNA and our operations, and we are proud to bring cutting edge technology innovation to support our region's transportation needs.”
- Rafail Portnoy
MTA Chief Technology Officer

We’re actively hiring

Here’s a sampling of active IT job openings.  For a complete list, go to our Job Search page and use the links under the “Departments” menu on the left to filter for IT jobs.

  • Lead IT Security & Architect Engineering - 97874
  • Computer Specialist (SW) I-IV AWS React - 99382

  • Computer Specialist (SW) I-IV AWS Beacon - 99381

  • Computer Specialist (SW) I-IV Pension Administration - 99398
  • Computer Specialist (SW) I-IV Kronos - 99418
  • Computer Specialist (SW) I-IV Dynamics - 99383
  • Application Security Specialist Levels 3-5 - 98263
  • Security Specialist Levels 2-5 - 98497

  • Security Specialist Levels 1-2 - 99119

  • Lead ICS Security Assessment Mitigation - 98570
  • Lead ICS Security Assessment & Mitigation - 97875
  • Product Manager, Accounting & Finance Products - 98252

  • Product Director, Network Services Product - 98431

  • Application Development Specialist Levels 1-6 - 98971
  • Application Development Specialist Levels 1-5 (PeopleSoft Pensions Applications) - 99198

  • Application Development Specialist 4-6 - 98971

  • Technology Infrastructure Engineering Specialist Levels 5-7 - 98279

  • Technology Infrastructure Engineering Specialist Levels 5-7 - 98285