Bronx Bus Network Redesign

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Reimagining Our Existing Network

What are we doing?
We're taking a holistic, clean-slate look at bus service patterns in the Bronx to better match service with current and future travel demands.

Why are we doing it? 
The Bronx has changed exponentially since the last time we thoroughly examined the bus network. Rapid development has led to a current average weekday ridership of over 675,000 customers on the Bronx's 57 bus routes. As congestion has increased, bus speeds have slowed to an average of 6.58 miles-per-hour, the second slowest in New York City. We want to improve and simplify the network to get travelers where they want to go more quickly and efficiently.

      Project Timeline

      A graphic depicting the scheduled timeline for the Bronx Bus Network Redesign

      How to Get Involved

      Public input is crucial to the development of this new network. This website will be updated to provide you with the most current information on upcoming public events and items for public review.

      In the meantime, we want to hear from you. Use this link to share your thoughts, questions or concerns about your experience with the Bronx bus network, and any ideas or suggestions you may have.