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May 15-16 & 22-23: Buses Replace Trains between Far Rockaway & Valley Stream

Changes Also in Effect on Long Beach & West Hempstead Branches
Long Island Rail Road
Updated May 7, 2021 4:06 p.m.

Service Change

Special timetables will be in effect on all branches on the weekends of May 15-16 and May 22-23, 2021, as LIRR forces perform switch installation work near Valley Interlocking in Valley Stream. Most impacts will be experienced by customers on the Far Rockaway Branch, where buses will substitute for trains between Far Rockaway and Valley Stream. To avoid busing, customers are advised to use the Long Beach Branch on these two consecutive weekends. A summary of branch-specific changes and a map of the work zone appear below:

Far Rockaway Branch

Westbound: Customers at stations Far Rockaway thru Gibson will board buses or vans, then transfer to westbound trains at Valley Stream Station. Buses will depart up to 30 minutes earlier than usual train times. 
Eastbound:  Board Long Beach-bound trains to Valley Stream and exit for bus service to stations Gibson thru Far Rockaway. Please plan for up to 30 minutes of additional travel time. During the overnight periods, some buses will run between Far Rockaway and Jamaica. These buses will stop at Rosedale, Laurelton, and Locust Manor.
Overnights (both directions): During the overnight periods, some buses will run between Far Rockaway and Jamaica.  

Long Beach Branch

Westbound: A special weekend timetable will be in effect. Trains will depart up to 20 minutes earlier than usual train times.  
Eastbound & Westbound: All Long Beach Branch trains will stop at Valley Stream, Rosedale, Laurelton, and Locust Manor. (There are some exceptions during the overnight periods – see the Far Rockaway Branch special timetable for details.)

West Hempstead Branch

Eastbound & Westbound: Trains will originate and terminate at Jamaica Station, and run express between Jamaica and Westwood Station (no stops at Valley Stream).

St. Albans Station

Buses will replace trains at St. Albans Station on the weekends of May 15-16 and May 22-23. The substitute buses will provide connecting service to/from Lynbrook Station, where train service will be available.

For details on how this may affect your commute, see below. Customers may also wish to consider traveling from the nearby Locust Manor Station, where train service to/from Jamaica will be available. 

From St. Albans to Jamaica and Penn Station: 
Board buses to Lynbrook and transfer to train service for points west. Buses will depart at 10:15PM (Friday), 6:55AM, 9:00AM, 10:55AM, 12:55PM, 2:55PM, 4:55PM, 6:55PM, 8:55PM, 10:00PM, and 10:55PM.

From the Babylon Branch to St Albans: Board a train to Lynbrook and transfer at Lynbrook for bus service to St. Albans. Buses will connect to the following departures from Babylon: 10:16PM (Friday), 7:52AM, 9:53AM, 11:53AM, 1:53PM, 3:53PM, 5:53PM, 8:20PM, 10:00PM, and 10:53PM.

From NYC to St. Albans: Board a Babylon-bound train, exit at Lynbrook and transfer there for bus service to St. Albans. Buses will connect to the following departures from Penn Station: 11:08PM (Friday), 6:45AM (to Long Beach), 9:21AM, 11:21AM, 1:21PM, 3:21PM, 5:21PM, 7:21PM, 9:29PM, and 10:21PM.

From St. Albans to the Babylon Branch: Board buses to Lynbrook and transfer to train service for points east. Buses will depart at 11:18PM (Friday), 7:25AM, 9:25AM, 11:25AM, 1:25PM, 3:25PM, 5:25PM, 7:25PM, 9:35PM, and 10:25PM.

Visit here to view the West Hempstead Branch Special Trackwork Timetable, Effective May 15-16 & 22-23. 2021.

Travel Tips/Advisories:

  • Some service changes will begin at approximately 10 PM on Friday night and continue through 12:01 AM on Monday morning.
  • Visit mta.info for updates and view timetables online here. Printed timetables will not be distributed.
  • Parking permit restrictions/fees are waived at many stations on weekends. Visit here to learn more.
  • Customers are required to wear masks on LIRR trains and property, regardless of vaccination status, and regardless of social distancing. While onboard, masks must remain on for the duration of your travel, including while on buses.
  • Download the free LIRR TrainTime App to plan your trip, and track real-time customer loading information to find the least crowded cars on any train.  

For More Information: Customer Service Center agents are available to answer questions via live chat or phone between 6 AM and 10 PM, daily. For service related questions, chat live with customer service agents through the LIRR TrainTime app. To speak with an agent, call 511 or 718-217-LIRR (718-217-5477) and say “Representative” when the prompts begin. Automated schedule information is available via phone 24/7.