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5 things to know about your new LIRR

An entirely new Long Island Rail Road schedule is here. Here's what you need to know.
Updated February 27, 2023 12:00 a.m.

Your trip will change.

No matter where or when you ride, your trip has changed. We've opened a new Manhattan terminal for the first time in a century, and we have completely rewritten the schedule for the riders of today and tomorrow. 

See branch profiles, including new schedules.

You have a choice between terminals. 

On many branches, service is now split between Penn Station and Grand Central. If you're going to Manhattan, review your options to both. There might be trains that better fit your schedule if you use a different terminal. 

TrainTime is your guide.

The best way to see your new options is by using our TrainTime app. Plus, you can buy your tickets directly in the app. Tickets to Penn Station are valid to Grand Central and vice versa.  

You may have to transfer. 

We’ve changed if, where, and how you transfer. We are keeping trains flowing through Jamaica — they'll no longer wait for each other. Sometimes, we may suggest that you transfer at another station for a less crowded ride.  

We’re all in this together.

This is a major change for everyone — not just for riders, but for our employees too. Thank you for your patience as we all learn our new railroad. We will monitor ridership and performance and will make adjustments if needed. 

Five Things You Need to Know About Your New LIRR

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