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Grand Central Terminal Non-Commercial Space Terms and Conditions

Updated Sep 6, 2023
Individuals and organizations (Applicants) requesting a permit for use of Non-Commercial space in Grand Central Terminal must agree to the following terms and conditions listed below.


  • Permittee(s) must comply with the Rules and Regulations governing the conduct and safety of the public in the use of MTA Metro-North Railroad property. A hard copy can be obtained from the Stationmasters Office. 
  • Metro-North Railroad will be not responsible for and is released from any liability from any injury to persons or damage to property resulting from such activity.
  • All persons named on this application and participants in the permit activity, shall indemnify Metro-North, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and its subsidiaries against any and all losses, claims, or damages, which Metro-North, MTA, may sustain or be subjected to on account of activities conducted pursuant to or related to issuance of a Permit to Engage in Non-Commercial Activity in Grand Central Terminal.
  • The Permittee(s) must carry their permit application with terms and conditions, and approval email, at all times while at GCT and prepared to present upon request to any MNR/MTA Representative. Failure to do so may result in being asked to leave the premises.
  • Permittee(s) must sign in and out at the Station Masters Office (SMO) before and after their scheduled performance time.
  • Prohibited items: Hazardous materials, helium balloons, sharp objects, amplified sound, TVs/monitors, filming equipment, animals, and giveaway items such as balls, matches, stickers and Frisbees. 


  • Space is to be used for Non-Commercial Activities ONLY, including Freedom of Speech.
  • Other activities, such as artistic performances, etc., will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for consideration/approval.  
  • Permits are issued for no more than three (3) days. The application for another new permit is not permitted until the third (3rd) day for which the permit is issued.
  • A maximum of a four (4) hour increment is allowed each permitted date only.
  • Must not exceed the maximum number of fifty (50) people. 
  • Must not conduct activities, including the distribution of materials beyond the designated space. 
  • Must remove discarded literature and other distributed materials from the Terminal at the end of each day.
  • Is allowed no more than two (2) standard size folding card tables (4’x4’ each/total of 8’ max) in designated space. 
  • Must not adhere anything to the Terminal walls.
  • Performance volume must be at a decimal level to allow for announcements to be heard over the Public Address system (PA), to be considerate to the tenants and customers in Terminal.  
  • Must be self-contained, remain compact, not interfere with traffic flow, and follow all directions of GCT staff, MTA Police, NY State Police and the National Guard.

This Permit may be suspended or canceled for emergencies, and/or temporarily prohibited on holidays or Rush Hour Black Out times as determined necessary by the MNR Stations Department. If complaints are received and/or a single violation of any of the conditions of this Permit, the Rules and Regulations governing the conduct and safety of the public in the use of MTA and/or MTA Metro North Railroad property, will result in a one-day suspension and the participant may be requested to leave.  A second violation will result in the revocation of this Permit. If this Permit is revoked, none of the individuals named on the application for this Permit or any other member of the organization they represent shall be permitted to reapply for a permit for six (6) months.


All permit applications reviewed will receive notification indicating approval/denial status of permit application by email within ten (10) business days.  Blank applications may be obtained via email, at the Station Masters Office (SMO) or downloaded from the MNR website.  Approved application notifications will be sent via email.  Both approval email and permit application must be presented when signing in at the Station Master’s Office (SMO).

Applications/Inquiries can be submitted via email or mail: Metro-North Railroad, 89 E. 42nd Street, NY, NY, 10017 Attention: EVENTS TEAM