Vong Pak

Man in black and white traditional costume playing large Korean drum.

Vong Pak is a Brooklyn-based Korean folkloric and teaching artist. He is trained in traditional Korean folk arts, such as poongmul, samulnori, and elements of traditional dance. He studied with Korea’s “National Human Treasure” Hyungsoon Kim and with Kibock Kim. Pak has performed locally at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Carnegie Hall, and Lincoln Center, as well as internationally at the Chihuahua International Festival in Mexico, Istanbul CID-UNESCO, the Dominican Republic, and busking tours in 15 European countries. He was featured in the documentary "Rhythm in Motion," in the film "Downtown Express," and on his recording "Blue and White: Electric Shaman." He has also appeared on Pix 11 “Morning News” and Fox TV’s “Good Day New York.” His commercial credits as a performer and voice actor include an ESPN commercial for the Super Bowl LX MVP.