Ukulele Time Machine

Woman wearing a black top hat and purple blouse holding a ukulele.

Acclaimed ukulelist and singer Rachel Haymer describes “passion and creativity” as the essence of her art. A performing and recording artist for over two decades, Haymer has studied with renowned teachers such as Melveen Leed and Martile Rowland and collaborated with noted Hawaiian virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro. She has performed solo at the Vocal Arts Festival at the Colorado Opera Theatre of the Rockies and at Ala Moana Centerstage in Honolulu. Haymer has released two albums “The World Through Rosie Colored Glasses” and “Island Girl Reflections,” which display the impressive breadth of her repertoire. She is currently working on her third album. In addition to concert venues, Haymer has performed at some of New York City’s most renowned synagogues, including Park Avenue Synagogue, Romemu on the Upper West Side, and Temple Emanu-El. She sees her barrier-breaking attitude towards ukulele music as part of her broader commitment to a global community.