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Tottenville Sun, Tottenville Sky

Arthur Kill (Staten Island Railway)

Tottenville Sun, Tottenville Sky

Jenna Lucente
Glass laminate artwork by Jenna Lucente showing various birds in the wilderness.
“Tottenville Sun, Tottenville Sky” (2017) by Jenna Lucente at SIR Arthur Kill Station. Photo: Michael McWeeney

About the project

Jenna Lucente designed 28 large-scale laminated glass panels that are located within the two station towers that provide connection to the platforms and the pedestrian overpass of the newly built Arthur Kill station on Staten Island.

The location is a place surrounded by community and nature. The various layers of glass that make up "Tottenville Sun, Tottenville Sky" represent the local community, including the historic Conference House, the Outerbridge Crossing, the native marshland, and the wildlife of the area, such as egrets and spotted sandpipers.

The historic architecture, geography, and the community itself are recognized within this work of public art. The past is represented through bold foreground imagery, which contrasts with faint background imagery that comes together in the overall design. Yellows represent the sun and the bright light of the morning commute, while blues represent the sky and the evening ride home. The architecture of Tottenville and the natural elements of the landscape symbolize the historic vista at the southern end of Staten Island where land and water meet.

About the artist

Jenna Lucente is an artist and educator currently living in Delaware and has a studio at the Delaware Contemporary. Lucente was born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island, which is, in her words, "New York's best borough." She received her MFA from CUNY Queens College. In 2015, Lucente was appointed Assistant Professor of Art at Salem Community College.