Susan Keser

Woman in the park wearing tank top playing violin.

Susan Keser is a violinist from Terre Haute, Indiana, whose parents were professional musicians and teachers, and whose sister was an opera singer. She graduated from the Indiana University School of Music at Bloomington with a Bachelor of Music in violin performance. Keser continued to study violin at the Musikhochschule zu Koln (Music School of Cologne, Germany). She has worked as first violinist and concertmaster in orchestras in Cologne, Genova, Rome, Florence, Strasbourg, and Istanbul, working a total of 16 years in Europe. While living in Italy, she occasionally performed for the public in the piazzas of Rome, Florence, and Pisa. In the United States, Keser played as first violinist and concertmaster in orchestras in Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha, Wisconsin; Chicago; and Indianapolis. She stopped playing professionally in orchestras in 2006 when she moved to New York City, where she now freelances for private events, and performs in the MTA MUSIC program and on summer weekends in the Central Park Mall.