Suki Rae

Woman posing with a flute wearing a black blouse and red scarf.

Classically trained flutist, singer, and songwriter Suki Rae has performed internationally for over 30 years and been awarded music residencies in ten locations, including Spain and Israel. She received a grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council to lead peace songwriting workshops that culminated with a peace concert at St. Marks Church in New York City. She has written, acted, and directed in theater and film, including her autobiographical musical, "I Don't Wannabe a Wannabe," at the Writer's Voice. She has appeared on multiple radio programs, including WNYC's "New Sounds," Robert Sherman's, "Woody's Children," Boston Free Radio, and Women’s Music Network Radio. Television appearances include the BBC's "Around the World in 80 Days,” ABC’s “20/20,” and Channel 5. She was selected to participate in "Dig Out Your Soul in the Streets" with the rock band Oasis. Rae has released seven recordings, six of original music on Reverence for Life Music.