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Shad Crossing, Delancey Orchard

Delancey St (F) - Essex St (J/M/Z)

Shad Crossing, Delancey Orchard

Ming Fay
Artwork in glass mosaic by Ming Fay showing large fish and blue waters and a large green wall of cherry trees.
“Shad Crossing, Delancey Orchard” (2004) by Ming Fay at NYCT Delancey St & Essex St Station. Photo: Rob Wilson

About the Project

Ming Fay brings the liveliness of the thriving marketplace overhead into the station in this storied Lower East Side neighborhood. For this station, Fay extensively researched the neighborhood's history and created watercolor sketches that were transformed into glass mosaic murals by craftspeople. The images of “Shad Crossing” celebrate the return of the once abundant fish to New York and water as a metaphor for "crossing." “Delancey Orchard” is the mural on the Manhattan-bound platform, inspired by the prominent DeLancey family's eighteenth-century farm, which stretched from the East River to the Hudson River. The farm's cherry orchard was located where Orchard Street stands and is memorialized with radiant cherry trees on the Brooklyn-bound platform. 

About the Artist

Ming Fay was born in Shanghai and raised in Hong Kong before coming to the United States to study art. In the United States, Fay earned a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from the University of California, Santa Barbara. His work primarily comments upon the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Drawing on an extensive knowledge of both Eastern and Western horticulture and mythologies, Fay often reworks known flora to fabricate imaginary species. Much of Fay’s work is comprised of incredibly realistic, larger-than-life-size fruits and vegetables. Through his monumental produce, Fay explores the concept of the garden as a symbol of abundance – or utopia. His installations often capture both the elation and the anxiety that stem from encounters between humans and the natural world. Fay has exhibited extensively in the United States and abroad, including numerous public art projects.