Samantha Echo

Woman with red wings playing Guitar and Singing.

Native New Yorker and longtime MTA MUSIC member Samantha Echo has been performing since the age of seven and has released three EPs of her original songs. Noted for her entertaining stage banter and her versatility with a repertoire that includes opera, theatre, folk, and pop, “fairy-winged” Echo has a musical style described by Jack Murray, of the band Unknown Nobodies, as "somewhere between dangerous and whimsy." Her music video "Nick's Mom," which combines elements of fairy tales, noir crime drama, and tragicomic psychological portrait has been critically acclaimed as "the most beautiful, nuanced piece of work of our time" by Ruby McCollister of the Zhe Zhe Fanclub. She has been featured on CUNY TV, Arts in the City, and the Atlantic Monthly, and performs regularly in such New York venues as the Bitter End, the West End Lounge, and the Parkside Lounge.