The Poor Cousins

Man with guitar and woman with violin.

Naomi Morse (fiddle, voice) and Emmet McGowan (guitar, voice) have been playing music together since they met in York, England, in 2006. At home in the United States and Ireland, the husband-and-wife duo combine intimate, nourishing songs, gutsy tunes, and an easy-going style. Morse’s “fiery, flowing” fiddle blends seamlessly with McGowan’s elegant rhythm guitar. The duo has been based in Brooklyn since 2009, performing various styles of “roots music,” including American Old Time, New England, Irish, Quebecois, and Scottish. In addition to a regular performance schedule in the New York City area, the two have performed in countries around the world. Most recently, they traveled to Greece through a U.S. State Department grant to perform and teach at the Kozani International Music Seminar.