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Perasma I & II; Dappleganger

30 Av (N/W)

Perasma I & II; Dappleganger

Stephen Westfall
Photograph of laminated glass artwork at the 30 Av station in Queens. Light shines through a floor to ceiling panel of an abstract, geometric square pattern in shades of blues and yellows on a white background.
“Perasma I & II; Dappleganger” (2018) by Stephen Westfall at NYCT 30 Av Station. Photo: James-Karla Murray

About the Project

For the 30 Av station in Queens, artist Stephen Westfall created Perasma I & II; Dappleganger. This laminated glass artwork comprises frieze-like panels of abstract, geometric patterns used to rhythmically invoke universality alongside cultural identity.  

Westfall worked closely with Queens-based glass fabricator Depp Glass to create the 47 laminated glass panels installed at the 30 Av station. The scale, mirrored glass, and merging movement invoke not only the repertoire of processional themes in classical friezes, but also the movement of public transportation in our contemporary life, in particular the shuttering of light through the mezzanine windows and the bustle of commuters in our mass transit system. 

About the Artist

Stephen Westfall is a New York City-based painter, who creates his geometric abstractions in both large-scale wall paintings and canvas. He uses bold shapes, patterns, palette, and compositions in his wall paintings as a way to address architecture more directly. Westfall is a professor at the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University and in the graduate program at Bard University.