Orlando Sanchez Soto

Man in suit and tie playing saxophone.

Orlando Sanchez Soto graduated from the Institute of Arts in Cuba, where he received his Bachelor's degree in clarinet and taught for over a decade as an assistant professor. A multi-instrumentalist (piano, saxophone, clarinet), Soto is the founder of the Jazz Plaza Festival and chairs a noted jazz competition. He has played in more than 30 countries with such musicians as Chucho Valdés, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Craig Harris, Hamiet Bluiett, Hugh Ragin, Ernan Lopez-Nussa, Polito Ibáñez, Pablo Milanés, Bobby Carcassés, Milcho Leviev, Ira Sullivan, David Murray, and many others. He is also a renowned composer with over 100 registered works, many collaborations, and several discs.