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North, South and Home

Philipse Manor (Hudson)

North, South and Home

Joseph Cavalieri
Artwork in faceted glass by Joseph Cavalieri showing a colorful pattern with words.
“North, South and Home” (2009) by Joseph Cavalieri at MNR Philipse Manor Station. Photo: Veronica Sharon

About the Project

Joseph Cavalieri's “North, South and Home” creates a colorful glow in the overpass of Metro-North Railroad's Philipse Manor Station on the Hudson Line. 

The artwork, with a decorative border reminiscent of Dutch tile design (with an abstract train running over the symbolic hills of Westchester along the bottom) features tree branches and stylized geraniums reaching across six faceted-glass panels to represent travel and a connected community. At the base of the tree trunk is an outlined shape of nearby Philipsburg Manor, built in 1693 by Frederick Philipse. 

Running through the branches is a haiku that reads: "A gentle Hudson - Whistle begins my journey - North and south and home." 

Cavalieri creatively combined blue branches with a gradient orange-yellow background to create colorful contrasts that project a beautiful glow that will be visible from a distance and at night.

About the Artist

Joseph Cavalieri is a native New York artist and educator. Cavalieri works in a material with a powerful spiritual history: painted stained glass. Cavalieri has produced private and public art commissions., has exhibited in the US and Europe, and is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts and Design, among others. He has taught workshops in painting, airbrushing, and printing on stained glass around world and has been invited to over 12 artist residencies.